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A witness who ran away, brave & coward at the same time

A witness who ran away,brave & coward at the same time

For pro bono clients, I filed this Motion for Reconsideration against the denial by the Honorable Regional Trial Court, Branch 23, General Santos City, where I put emphasis distinctive acts in order to push the argument that they deserve to granted the right to post bail.
These distinctive acts are as follows:

(1)    The witness first ran away and hid for 30 minutes when he was called to the witness stand to testify; he was only compelled to sit when he was found by police officers at the instance of the public prosecutor; and
(2)     The witness testified that he saw the acts of stabbing the victim dead that he even shouted at the killers, acts that can be done only by brave men; but when asked why he it took him four (4) months to reveal to the police the persons he was claiming to be the killers, he reasoned out he was gripped by fear of the accused.

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