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Judge acquits despite conclusion accused profited from crime

Judge acquits despite conclusion accused profited from crime

It was like a judge rewarded the thieves for the thievery.
I have been saddened by the decision handed down last Friday (March 24, 2017) by Judge Luis Enriquez Reyes of the Municipal Trial Court of Guiguinto, Bulacan.
Judge Reyes acquitted scions of a rich Bulacan clan of the charge that the accused forged a signature of their dead sibling and made it appear that she was alive when in truth she was already dead at the time of the making of the affidavit styled and named as “Affidavit of Identity (of) Heirs.”
In the same affidavit, it was made to appear that these siblings were the heirs of Jose Chiong and they made to appear that they are entitled to inherit the lands of “Heirs of Jose Chiong” when in truth they are not heirs and they have no proofs they are heirs of Jose Chiong.
Judge Reyes even ruled that it was proved beyond reasonable doubt that the affidavit called “Affida…

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