We lost a diamond in Chit Estrella-Simbulan; Act quick to get the reckless driver

May 16, 2011 Statement of NPC President Jerry S. Yap

We lost a diamond in

Chit Estella-Simbulan;

Act quick to get the

reckless driver

The National Press Club of the Philippines grieves for the unwarranted and untimely death of UP Journalism Professor Lourdes “Chit” Estella-Simbulan even as it demands JUSTICE TO PUNISH THE RECKLESS DRIVER.

Simbulan’s death is a big minus from the breed of journalists who are dedicated to educating the future and youngblood journalists of the country, not only inside the academe but also in actual practice.

Simbulan is a great loss to the Fourth Estate where she had proven her worth as one of the most important true-blooded journalists. She had demonstrated ethics, wisdom and courage during her heydays as managing editor of Pinoy Times, a no-holds-barred Filipino tabloid that exposed the excesses of deposed president Joseph Estrada.

Simbulan can never be forgotten for her being the founding member of independent investigative journalism organization known as “Vera Files.” It showed examples of how evil deeds are explored and exposed.

The media industry will never forget Simbulan for her death exposes the danger of driving along Commonwealth Avenue and the recklessness of bus drivers who speed with the devils in the busy streets of Quezon City.

Her death also exposes the incompetence of the regulatory bodies in dealing with road accidents, particularly on the problem of bus drivers running away from the accident, not minding to rush their victims to the nearest hospital.

Her death exposes that the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) can immediately suspend the franchise of bus operators when their buses are involved in accidents, especially when the accidents result in death of their victims.

The NPC says FAREWELL to Chit Simbulan, the talented, courageous woman, and a pride of the academe and of the Fourth Estate.

At the same time, the NPC is calling on the police investigative authorities to act quick even without being told. To lose another person of talented caliber like Chit Estrella is like a nation and its people losing a diamond.

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