NAPOLES BLOG: My BIGGEST accomplishment in 2013

accomplishment in 2013

Jean Napoles, inside her Porsche, stating what she wore

All my other achievements for my country and people that I had in 2013 pale too far in comparison to the one I got after I blogged on July 19 of that year an article about Jeane Lim Napoles and her extremely extravagant and lavish lifestyles in the United States of America.

In three days of the post at, it already harvested more than 70,000 views and more than a hundred comments and more than 50 shares.

Rarely before I have experienced a blog reaching a thousand views until this one about the daughter of Janet Lim Napoles, the woman tagged to be at the center of all the thievery of the discretionary funds allotted to each of the congressmen and senators.  The report said that the money alone that went to the hands of Janet Lim Napoles reached at least P10 billion pesos over ten (10) years.

Before I posted the blog, Inquirer has published at least five articles written by Nancy Carvajal, showing obviously that her sources came from the whistleblowers led by Benhur Luy, a cousin of Janet. Still at that time, Janet was at the height of her denial-to-death syndrome that she has not been involved in the manipulating and the pocketing of the so-called Pork Barrel.

Alab ng Mamamahayag (ALAM) chairman Jerry S. Yap tipped me off about photos of lavish lifestyle of Jeane Lim Napoles and I dug deep on it until I was shocked to see her Tumblr account. I recall telling myself: "Ahuh, this is the biggest evidence that indeed Janet Lim Napoles pocketed at least P10 billion from PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund) of senators and congressmen. Janet must be lying on her denials.  Imagine? How can a 21-year-old woman have these vast wealth, display them in times of acute public want in the Philippines if not for her mother's gifts to her?" 

So I wrote some words and posted her photos showing her apparels along with that article I entitled "Meet girl in extremely-costly lifestyles using some of P10-B pork barrel of the people?"  As an observance of prudence and diligence, I put a question mark at the end of the title.

Anyway, sooner than I realized, my blog became viral rapidly. On the third day, I received a feeler that a son of Janet Lim Napoles was requesting me to take down my blog in exchange for an amount I name.  I politely turned down the offer by saying that I am a fair man and I will also post as my blog whatever refutations that the Napoles family would want me to post.  Additionally, I made it clear that I cannot take down the blog because it will ruin my career as a lawyer.  They never agreed to my counter-proposal.

A week thereafter, spontaneous calls for a mass rally reverberated among the community of Filipinos on Facebook.  Until one of us thought to call that massive action as "Million March" in Luneta.

Many among those who chatted with me through my inbox told me that they were thinking that the Inquirer reports were just another ordinary story of corruption that will end up in nothing until they read my blog. They said they became too impassioned by my blog. I certainly believe that the meat of the apolitical Million March was my blog because that incredible story about the daughter gave life to what would trigger as a Yolanda typhoon that swept even the Supreme Court into declaring all forms of discretionary funds UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Then I got the consequential ire.  Mrs. Napoles filed a disbarment complaint and a libel suit against me. I answered already all the suits. I believe my answers are more than sufficient to acquit me. Truth is behind me.  Luckily, before I was required to answer, the official report of the Commission on Audit came out and I used it to support my contention about the truth in my allegations of facts as bases of my opinions that Mrs. Napoles is "the motherfucker" and Jeane as "the daughter of the motherfucker."  What I cannot forget among the allegations of Mrs. Napoles is that it was my blog that caused her daughter to be rushed to a hospital in the US.

Despite those sacrifices on my part, I comforted myself with the honor as the first blogger to have been officially sued with libel and disbarment over a blog.  I comforted myself that I was one of the first who filed a petition to the Supreme Court to declare cyber libel law null and void and that petition caused the Highest Tribunal to issue a temporary restraining order (TRO) that cruel internet-freedom-killer law to give me a breather that this Napoles libel will only end up with her in jail.

To me, the most substantial part of the advocacy against pork barrel has been achieved and the biggest component was given by the Supreme Court Justices and Chief Justice, voting 14-0 to declare all forms of discretionary funds as NULL and VOID for being contrary to the Constitutional principles of Check and Balances and Separateness and Independence of All Bodies of Government (the Executive, the Legislative, the Judiciary, the Constitutional Commissions and the Ombudsman).

Then my blog became the inspiration or the genesis of what exposes that followed, now showing to the public the extremely lavish 21st birthday party of Jeane, the Porsche cars, the Ritz Carlton condominium, the expensive apartment near Disneyland, etc.  The advocacy snowballed each day until it became the norm that all who advocate pork barrel are no less than friends of evil dynasty.

As the curtains for 2013 close now for a new year, I can now sit, relax and smile.

The second biggest feat I registered is I proved my courage to file criminal complaints for failure to disclose properties in SALNs, perjury and falsification against one of the most-feared men that nobody except me have dared to cross his path.  He is Edward Solon Hagedorn, former strongman of Puerto Princesa City. 

Many friends of mine warned me to be extremely careful because they believe Mr. Hagedorn is one man who they think is capable of killing enemies like me.

This I say to them: I still believe that Mr. Hagedorn is an honorable man, a gentleman, and a statesman who is willing to sacrifice self for the country and people.

Besides, if I were killed now, the cases I filed cannot be stopped until termination. This is because I already submitted my evidence to the Ombudsman. At the end of the day, it will be the Ombudsman who will prosecute Mr. Hagedorn and not me.

And indeed if I were murdered just because of the cases I filed against Mr. Hagedorn, the more he will be in trouble because the Ombudsman and the organizations I represent will be emboldened to press the charges.

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