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IS THE GUILTY VERDICT VS CORONA VOID now that it is established those who voted
were given funds from the Development Assistant Program (DAP)?

Those who were given received their funds from the Office of the President without even thinking of the propriety of it.

It is not far from a judge given money just before, during, or just after the promulgation of the judgment?

Yes, the circumstances of the senators as jurors were similar to the circumstances of a judge aside from pork barrel.

Because a judge has no right because he or she is not a lawmaker and at that time pork barrel was not yet declared null and void, it is easy to see through and make a good opinion that the judgment of the judge is null and void.

Now that the Supreme Court declared DAP as Null and Void, it means that the senators-jurors of the Impeachment Court have been reduced to a similar circumstances of a judge.

With this, it can be argued that the Guilty Verdict on ex-CJ Renato C. Corona is Null and Void.

Jurisdiction on judicial or quasi-judicial matter consists of the authority to hear during trial and
the authority to decide after trial.

The authority to decide rests on independence of the mind of the judge or juror.

If the giving of DAP funds happened before, during or after the judgment on Corona and the funds came in extraordinarily big amounts, it can be argued that the independence of the minds of the senators were removed.

What is your take, friend? 
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