My principle to let all people speak without any liability of imprisonment or civil damages has been proven to be correct once again by this piece of story that splashed Facebook pages and in other internet sites.

I never file a libel case against persons who have defamed me.  I never have complained against a woman judge who cried in her court in an argument with me when I debated with her as I was insisting to have some documents marked as exhibits for the accused, when this judge told my other client that I am “magulo”; Imagine a judge would say that?   I never also have complained against a person who is a president of a media group whose almost half of his life is devoted to hatred with venomous words against me.   I will never file a case in this kind of situation but I sometimes speak up to meet words with words or just keep quiet and let my fate be decided upon by those who heard the defamatory remarks against me.  In either of the actions I take I am at peace with my conscience.

This principle must also be true in the situation of four daughters, two of whom are medical doctors in the United States and another two as registered nurses in the US.  And I admire the way the daughters deal with the defamatory acts of their father who, according to them, have blackmailed them to force them to give money to their father who, according to the daughters, abandoned them in favour of his mistresses.

In blackmailing, one of the daughters said that their father would place himself in a public place in Manila bringing placards projecting a message that the daughters he sent to school are now doctors and nurses in the US but the daughters are not giving him food to eat.

The daughters and their family first chose to keep quiet.  But lately, they cannot stay as that.   Facebook has been littered by photos of their father.  The photographs have been “liked,” shared, and commented to by FB public in tens of thousand times.   The images project their father staging a hunger strike by sitting at a conspicuous place at an LRT station or wherever in Metro Manila.   Those placards show photos of his four daughters.

In sum, from the responses of one of the daughters and a website styled as, the following are claimed.  Their father, Napoleon Timonera, abandoned the children and their mother Pacita while the daughters were still in high school.   The father managed to get a work in Saudi by means of faking documents and charisma.   One of the daughters, Dr. Mic T. Ng, was helped out by her husband in her medical studies to finish as a doctor.  Pacita recently suffered a stroke.  It is also claimed that Napoleon took three mistresses and his latest was said to be 25-year-old Jonalyn Baylon.  When he had no more money, their father resorted to blackmailing the daughters by threatening them he would defame them if they would not give him money.  At first, Dr. Mic said that they gave money without protest. But later, their father was now asking big amounts and they refused.  As expected, their father staged protest by carrying placards and sitting in conspicuous places showing placards that his daughters he sent to school are now abandoning him.

As soon as a reader reads all here, it is up to him or her to make a judgement.

Now, Patrick Tan Del Mundo, a cousin of Dr. Mic Timonera Ng, requested me to help them by way of spreading the truth about the daughters’ father.

Here is what Patrick PMed me:

“Atty...good afternoon... i have been following you on fb... dr. ng is my deceased cousin's wife. Last year p po ang photo n ito, nasa dswd n ang tatay nila n kinasuhan n din ng extorsion... apat po ang naging asawa nitong tao n ito at naiwan sina ate sa kanilang ina. Pinsan ko po ang nakapagpatapos kay ate bilang doctor... naniniwala ako s cause niyo... please...kamamatay lang ng asawa ni ate mic at sariwa p lahat sa amin ito...salamat po...”

I responded to Patrick’s PM and he PMed me again, saying:

“Thank you Atty for your initial response.. i am doing this for ate mic and our family. We still grieve the loss of our cousin. I am an ex-municipal councilor of gasan, marinduque for a little background. Well, atty, the photos that are being splashed on fb right now is over a year old. It is unfair for dr. Ng and her sisters to be dragged into this. The man, their father, had been irresponsible and left them to their mother when he was abroad. He even had four partners within their marriage. Dr. Ng became a doctor because of my cousin who sent her to school... dr. Robert del mundo ng. Atty. The family is transparent about any issue as we have nothing to hide. We try to live doing our respective professions and businesses. Dr. Ng has a daughter who is still coping with series of loses of family members. My uncle victor ng, my aunt mama meding, and then her father dr. Robert ng. Atty. I see you having lots of followers, please help us set the issue straight... we will all be glad to provide information...thank you atty...”

Then I got from,, what was claimed to be a statement from Dr. Mic Timonera Ng, one of the four daughters of this man whose name now shows to be Napoleon Timonera, already 73 years old.

The statement of Dr. Mic Ng was said to have been released to Pinoy Radio Online, saying:

“Sad to know that there are really many people that would rather judge first before knowing the real story. They would rather hurt people rather than know the truth first. I pray that you yourselves are also blameless and have the right to judge.

“I initially planned not to respond anymore and just keep quiet because this has been going on for almost 3 months already and we're quite tired.

“First of all, look at his poster, he says he is looking for his daughters, why then does he know our phone numbers? Answer: because HE KNOWS WHERE WE ARE and HE HAS BEEN IN CONTACT WITH US all these years. Why has he been in contact with us?Dahil HINDI NAMIN SYA PINABAYAAN. In spite of leaving us and having many mistresses already (the one he has today is his 4th), we have supported him financially, we have offered for him a place to stay.

“Why then is he doing this to us? Because he has another family to support and he is old already. He has seen that in spite of the broken home he has given us, we have strove to rise above the problems and get a better life while the path that he has chosen has lead him to nowhere. Now he is asking a much larger amount, threatening us that if we did not give, papahiyain nya kami sa mga tao at sa media. He has been doing this over and over. Pag nag bigay kami, then hinto ang pananakot. We know that if we give in again this will last for a short time only. Pag naubos ang pera, balik uli sa pangba-blackmail sa amin.

“So this is the interesting story of our lives that we have wished to keep to ourselves - because this should be a private matter. I don't want to explain any no longer. I'm content that our friends and relatives know who we are and the real story and they have been supporting us through all these trying times.

“Those who are bashing us, take time to think. Not all that you are seeing is the truth. Know the truth first. Before you judge, look inside you and ask yourselves. Kung anong panghuhusga ang ginawa nyo sa kapwa nyo, ganyan din ang ipapataw sa inyo. Have pity on my mother who is old already - and we're taking care of her. She is the hero in this story but the one being praised now is the man who left us and is crediting all our achievements to himself.

“By the way, ang asawa ko ang nagpatapos sa akin.

“So thank you everyone for giving us your thoughts. Thank God that you have not gone through what we went through and what we are going through now.

“God bless you all.”

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