Robbing fellow law enforcers 
of Oakley, perfume, money, etc


This is a fight for newly-installed Philippine National Police (PNP) chief General Nicanor Bartolome.

An agent of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) and a policeman assigned with the Criminal Investigation and Detective Group (CIDG) personally experienced having been robbed by fellow law enforcers.
            In their respective counter-affidavits, numbering at least 20 pages each, which they executed for the purpose of defending themselves against criminal and administrative accusations, Immigration officer Dexter L. Bernardo and PO1 Herschel B. Montezon detailed how they were arrested wrongfully and later stripped off forcefully of property.
            Bernardo emotionally cried out in anger as he narrated his stories on how his personal monies and belongings disappeared in the hands of operatives of the Regional Police Intelligence Operations Unit (RPIOU) stationed at the National Capital Region Police Office headquarters inside Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan, Taguig.
            The two called these RPIOU policemen as “Bandits of NCRPO.”
            (Click the highlighted names for detailed affidavits of Bernardo and Montezon.)

'Oakley cop' and 'perfume cop'

Of all the things Bernardo cannot forget, it is his Oakley sunglasses worth about P20,000.00 because it got lost while being hanged inside his Fortuner SUV.
Of all the RPIOU operatives, Bernardo cannot forget SPO3 Rieus F. San Diego, who was boasting of a complete Oakley uniform, not a police uniform.  With this, Bernardo meant that this cop wears Oakley apparel from head to foot. 
Facebook photo of Rieus San Diego: OAKLEY from head to foot
Another RPIOU cop that did not escape the minds of Bernardo and Montezon is SPO3 Lutgardo Labares, who they claimed forced himself to wipe fluorescent powder on their hands while they were being handcuffed with their hands in the back.
Still, there is another unforgettable RPIOU cop who cannot escape the memory of Bernardo and this one is SPO3 Leo C. Pajaro, who is tagged by Bernardo as a “perfume” guy who demanded from him the CK perfume bottle found in Bernardo’s vehicle.
But what probably hurt Bernardo and Montezon so much was when the team of RPIOU cops suddenly blocked their vehicle and trained guns on them to compel them to go down in the eyes of passers by.
Bernardo and Montezon insisted they did not know at first why their vehicle was blocked and why armed men in civilian clothes who turned out later as RPIOU operatives suddenly surrounded them, ordered them to get off, lay down on a concrete pavement face down, and handcuffed them.
Only to turn out later, Bernardo and Montezon learned they were being charged with a fabricated story that they were receiving money as an entrapment from a woman when this did not happen.
The other cops who joined in the illegal arrest of Bernardo and Montezon were SPO1 Roldan Maganto, PO3 Gerald T. Ziganay, PO2 Renato C. Among, and their team leader Chief Insp. Arvin B. Avelino.
Also unforgettable to Bernardo and Montezon is another RPIOU official named Chief Insp. Redentor M. Agcio, for signing affidavits on September 3, 2011 when some of these sworn statements were dated September 1 and September 2.   This should be a crime of falsification.

Biggest proof of innocence: fluorescent powder on back of palm

The biggest proof to their claim of innocence is the Physical Science Report of the crime laboratory.
The essence of the powder is that if there is the presence of it in the palm and on the side of the fingers facing the palm when a hand is closed, then the person held the marked money given in entrapment.
The report showed Montezon to be negative of fluorescent powder. This means that he did not hold any marked money claimed to have been dusted with powder and claimed to have been given in entrapment.
This report slapped the face of these RPIOU policemen and their alleged complainant, Joanna Morelos Hayashi, who falsely stated in her affidavit that she handed the marked money and the boodle money to Montezon while she was standing beside the front passenger window of the Fortuner where Montezon was seated.
Montezon swore to God that Joanna had never ever handed any money to him.
Another proof of the falsities of the claims of these RPIOU cops and the woman who is the wife of Japanese Nobuyuki Hayashi is the test results on Bernardo.
His report showed Bernardo to be positive of the powder on his left palm and at the back of the same palm. 
FB photo of "Perfume Cop" Leo C. Pajaro
If the money dusted with fluorescent powder is being held, the parts of the hands that will have powder are the palm and the side of the fingers facing the palm when the person is holding the powder-dusted money bills.
So how can the powder go to the back of the left hand of Bernardo is impossible to happen if indeed he held the alleged entrapment money.
Rather, this physical report on Bernardo proves his claim that while he was being handcuffed and was to be escorted by SPO3 Labares to the crime laboratory in Makati City, Bernardo already got a hint that this cop would dust powder on his hands so that Bernardo closed his fist with all his might.  But while he was doing this, Labares forced hard to open his hand and rubbed on his palm what Bernardo felt was a paper.
So that the explanation why the back of his hand had powder is that while Labares was forcing open Bernardo’s hand, Labares’ powder-dusted paper was rubbing at the back of the hand while struggling to open the hand of Bernardo.
With this, the claim of Bernardo and Montezon of innocence must be the truth.

Another proof vs extort charge: They did not arrest the Japanese 

Another strong proof of lies of RPIOU cops is the fact that Bernardo and Montezon did not arrest their complainant, a wife of a Japanese, and the Japanese who were alleged to have been being pressured by Bernardo and Montezon to cough out P200,000 if they cannot give Php200,000.According to the affidavit of the wife, Bernardo and Montezon and one Jonathan Dulay came to their house on Vergel St. in Pasay City on August 26, 2011 and that they were being threatened that her Japanese husband would be arrested if they cannot produce the money.
So how can this allegation be true when Bernardo and Montezon did not make an arrest of the Japanese on that August when they could have done the extortion easier by means of arresting the Japanese right away for being overstaying for two and a half years, and yet they left the Japanese and the wife to roam freely for six (6) more days before they were to see each other again on September 26, 2011?
If Bernardo and Montezon did not do anything on the two, then they must be telling the truth that they only came there to respond to the call for help of their friend Jonathan Dulay to assist the latter's Japanese friend who is this very Japanese.
Bernardo and Montezon must have been telling the truth when they claimed that the Php200,000 was only to cover the expenses in processing of the visa and pay for the overstaying finds and fees for two and a half years.
Now, if the wife who works at Firehouse beerhouse on Edsa as a GRO model to support her jobless Japanese did not lie in complaining that she was being threatened by the companion of Bernardo and Montezon to produce the Php200,000 immediately, she must have thought mistakenly that this amount was too big just to process the legality of the visa of her husband.
A check among immigration consultants processing overstaying with the length of two and a half years shows that about Php200,000 was said to be the running rate of charges.
Within the span of those six days, the wife and her husband even went to the hotline of Aksyon 5 where they were even assisted by its crew led by Mean de Chavez, who then contacted these RPIOU cops.
De Chavez, however, did not have any idea that behind her back the RPIOU cops were already taking all the monies and things of Bernardo from his Fortuner.
She was not also aware that the cops were only waiting for her to leave the RPIOU headquarters for them to be able to tell the wife of the Japanese to talk it out with Bernardo and Montezon.  This was done by these RPIOU cops because they wanted to appease Bernardo who were now complaining that his monies and wallet were taken from his car.

Aksyon 5 and Tulfo brothers duped by RPIOU cops

            Obviously without their knowledge, the three Tulfo brothers who are hosting T3 television program of Aksyon 5 innocently believed in the RPIOU cops when the truth of the matter is that there was no entrapment incident that occurred.
            As a result, the T3 brothers mistakenly shamed Bernardo on air while he was being interviewed.
            That belief in RPIOU cops must have triggered one of the T3 brothers to tell Bernardo: “Pinagsisihan mo na ba ang naging kasalanan mo?” This question was premised on the belief that Bernardo and Montezon were guilty as the Tulfos must have thought about.
            If only the T3 brothers were diligent enough to examine the evidence before airing their program, they could have discovered the falsity and that they would know they were only taken for a ride by these RPIOU cops.
            Thus, the reputations of Bernardo and Montezon were so damaged tremendously unfairly.
            If it is unethical to display arrested persons in full view in a press conference, it is more unethical to presume the arrested persons guilty and ask them in public whether they regretted having committed the crime.

Charges of robbery, arbitrary detention, falsification

            Bernardo and Montezon vowed to file criminal cases of robbery, arbitrary detention and falsification against all these RPIOU cops to prove their innocence and to teach the lesson they cannot forget.
            Since there was no such thing that entrapment money that occurred, the RPIOU cops committed the crime of arbitrary detention and falsification.
            And since Bernardo lost almost Php100,000 of his money, that the RPIOU cops only reported Php158,000.00, that they took his Oakley sunglasses, that they took his perfume, and several other valuables, the RPIOU cops also committed robbery or theft.
            Moreover, because Chief Insp. Agcio connived with his subordinates in faking the swearing date of the affidavits, Bernardo and Montezon will also charge him for falsification.

The beginning

            Bernardo and Montezon said in their affidavits that their common friend named Jonathan Dulay called them to help him because the latter wanted to help his Japanese friend whose problem was that his visa has already expired for two years and a half.
            So that on August 26, 2011, Bernardo gave in and went to meet Dulay at the Caltex Station at Edsa corner Vergel St. in Pasay City.  Upon arriving at the said refueling station, Bernardo saw Montezon in the company of Dulay.
            Then they went to the house of the Japanese who turned out to be Hayashi.  There, Dulay met with the Japanese and his wife Joanna Morelos Hayashi at noon. They then went to Brother’s Burger on Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City for the lunch and it was there that they ate and discussed about the visa problem.
            During the lunch, Bernardo and Montezon said that they did not interfere while Dulay was talking to Joanna as they were exchanging words and jokes joyfully, including the discussions where she presented her problem of her husband’s overstaying status as an alien.
            Bernardo and Montezon said the conversation was so casual when they heard Dulay telling Joanna that it would cost them Php200,000 to fix the problem of her husband.
            After that, they parted ways.  Bernardo left alone on his vehicle. But before that, Dulay turned over to him the papers and asked him to study how they could help Dulay's Japanese friend.
            At this juncture, they said that Dulay and Montezon left together aboard Dulay’s vehicle, where Joanna and her husband also boarded.
            After dropping Joanna and her husband at Edsa corner Vergel St., Dulay and Montezon left and eventually parted ways.
            Bernardo and Montezon said that since parting ways, they had never been contacted by Dulay.  It was only on September 2, 2011 when they received a call from Dulay for them to meet again at the same Caltex station.
            While waiting for Dulay at the parking area of the convenience store at the gas station, Bernardo said he saw Montezon arriving and boarding his Fortuner immediately.
            Inside the vehicle, they were talking to each other when Dulay called them over on Montezon’s cellphone that Dulay cannot come and that Dulay instructed them to be the ones to talk to Joanna.
            At this point, Bernardo said he told Montezon that they would leave because they did not want to interfere with Dulay’s transaction with his Japanese friend.
            But as he was driving his Fortuner slowly, Bernardo said that Montezon saw Joanna sitting at the convenience store so that Montezon opened the passenger-seat window by one-fourth down and called Joanna to come near for the purpose of asking permission to leave because Dulay cannot come.
            At that juncture, Bernardo said he noticed that Joanna was hanging her fingers on the window of the Fortuner and was not removing her fingers despite the fact that the vehicle was already started to drive away.
            As the Fortuner was trying to make a drive out to Edsa, the van of the RPIOU policemen blocked them and arrested them even without personally seeing whether an entrapment money was handed over or there was none.
Another photo of "Oakley" cop San Diego

‘Let the good men remain’

            “It is basic that we arrest persons only when caught in the act to avoid suspicions.  But since what these RPIOU policemen did was wrong, we will teach them a lesson they cannot forget.  They cannot bring back our damaged reputations except by proving in court that they committed crimes of illegal arrest, robbery or theft and falsification,” Montezon said.
            “We want them also removed from the police service or they would victimize more persons.  If they did this to us who are law enforcers, how much more to innocent civilians?” Bernardo asked.
            “Let the good men remain,” Montezon and Bernardo chorused.

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