DPWH denies my complaint on Php3-B bid rig

DPWH denies my complaint on Php3-B bid rig

DPWH BAC chairman Gilberto Reyes, as asserted by him in a Philippine Star report, said I was false in saying that the approved budget estimate for the improvement and maintenance of roads from Surigao to Davao was only 2.5 billion pesos.

Reyes said that the approved budget estimate was 3,422,688,199.31 pesos.

This project was approved in the 2014 national budget law and what is stated in ITEM No. 22 for DPWH projects is this: "22. Rehabilitation/Improvement (Concreting) along Surigao-Davao Coastal Road 2,519,736,000 pesos --  2,519,736,000 pesos."

If there is no other additional then, I am stating the truth and the correct approved budget estimate.

Then, Reyes said that the bid price of the winning bidder, Equiparco/Hebei was 2.95% lower than the approved budget.  If we follow their computation, the bid price must be 97.05% of 3,422,688,199.31 pesos and that is equal to = 3,321,718,897.430355 pesos.

But in the NOTICE OF AWARD signed by BAC Chairman Gilberto Reyes on the date of April 22, 2015, this is the amount he stated as the bid price of Equiparco/Hebei = 3,321,551,974.95 pesos and this amount is not equivalent to 97.05%.

So who is saying the truth here?

The Notice of Award signed by Gilberto Reyes is posted below:


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