My friend, what is up with you lately?

Let me just greet you a Happy Day as I pray for more support coming for this lifetime advocacy to change the old justice system that has ruled our country for over 100 years and has caused a thousand and one miseries for the Filipinos, including rebellions.

If we would note, rebellions started after we gained our independence from the US on July 4, 1946.

We saw the rise of Hukbalahap. What do you think is the reason why Luis Taruc rebelled? Is it not discrimination by the government against those who have none in life and in favor of those who have all in life?

Is it not also the same story why NPA rebellion was born?

Is it not that it is also the "official" discrimination by the Manila government against the Filipino Muslims that caused them to arrive at a resolve to separate from the Philippines, although they were once willing to be called Filipinos? And is it not that this has been reinforced by the discrimination stereotypes exhibited by Christian Filipinos against Muslim Filipinos?

Come on. Let us spread the word that we are now sowing the seeds of the most beautiful justice system in the world, hoping it will bloom into beautiful flowers of justice and equality in law.

Without a firm and fool-proof justice system, there would be law of force instead of the force of the law. By keeping the present justice system that has been here for over 100 years, we cannot expect we can enforce whatever laws we want, rendering useless all these. As such, we can not enforce it even if we come up with laws against official or private discriminations, big or small.

If we continue surrendering each of our sovereign power to take over and exercise this power to change the justice system, nothing will happen to us from here to eternity.

So why not we instead voice out our collective decision and rise above the few elite who want the status quo to keep their hold?

Why shall we not band together our hands and sign a petition one year from now for a plebiscite to install a jury system that will assure all laws are followed and keep the abusive rich and powerful to observe the rule of law?

There is only ONE WAY to reverse this decadence. That is to install a Filipino-originally-designed Jury System. It will have two bodies suited for our cultures and traditions. These two bodies of Jury Systems are: the Grand Jury and the Trial Jury.

The Grand Jury will decide who shall be brought to the court for trial. It will be formed by ordinary people raffled from the list of voters with faces and names kept secret to avoid retaliation and influence. It will be vested with the power to jail for contempt all unwilling or threatened witnesses and all unwilling and derelict law enforcers when ordered to work as detectives.

The other body, Trial Jury, shall be composed of a group of ordinary persons chosen by raffle from the voters' list to ensure fair trial and their names and faces shall be kept secret to avoid detection by powerful accused to ensure no buying of decisions or intimidation of the jurors.

So, let us walk the talk!

Go tell your friends and loved ones that one year from now a petition will be passed around for their signatures to call the Comelec to schedule a plebiscite to submit to the people the proposal to install Jury Systems in the Philippines.

If you still love yourself and your country, go now!

PLEASE REGISTER YOUR VOICE at http://philjury.ning.com.

Patriotically yours,

Toto Causing

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