We have seen the enormous flow of goodies to Lubao and other towns in Pampanga where GMA has been said to be running for a seat in the House of Representatives.

While there is no wrong in giving aid to alleviate the poor, it becomes revolting to conscience when the giving is inequitous because all other places get little. This is because the funds being used by the President are her Pork Barrel (Bariles na Baboy) intended for all of the country and not only for that district in Pampanga.

These acts are further made worse by the purpose. Yes, to run for a congressional seat and the purpose of increasing the chance of winning are not bad. But what makes it bad is the hidden objective:

To become a Speaker of the House of Representatives with an alleged plan to sabotage the 2010 Presidential Elections so that no president and vice-president are elected coupled with manuevers to prevent the Senate from voting its Senate President.

This scenario gives right to the Speaker of the House to act as the President until the new President and Vice-President are proclaimed and have entered office.

These activities of GMA are therefore omenous. The only solution that has the biggest possibility of success is for Professor Randy David to run against her.

To avoid this, we must all work to convince Professor Randy David to proceed in running against her and we must give all what we can from our pockets to help him: Piso-Piso Para Kay Prof Randy!

I strongly believe that Professor Randy has a bigger chance than Father Among Ed's in 2007 gubernatorial race: TO GET ALL THE SOLID VOTES FROM THE CONSCIENCE-STRICKEN CAPAMPANGANS.

Today's votes shall be counted by the machines and canvassed by the machines. There will be no more ERs used by Garcillano during the 2004 elections. These plateau gives Prof Randy a bigger chance than Father Among's dirtier fight. We only need to have Prof Randy sustain his campaign.

I am not from Pampanga. I am an Ilonggo. But I am so concerned as the conscientious Capampangans for them to redeem themselves from giving us Gloria.

Patriotically yours,

Toto Causing
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