Isagani Yambot: legend

March 4, 2012 Statement of National Press Club President Jerry S. Yap.

Isagani Yambot: legend

                As the journalism world bids farewell to Boholano Isagani Yambot, the National Press Club cannot let it pass without conferring its best expression to one of its best members ever.

                Anyone of us among the living NPC members pale too far in comparison to Mr. Yambot, in terms of achievements in the field of journalism and in terms of the passion for press freedom.

                Mr. Yambot defined journalism at its best.  He will continue to represent it henceforth.

                He did not only write. He did not only edit. He did not only publish He taught many NPC members, including those illustrious journalists lucky to have worked under the tutelage of this man who can be considered as one in a million.

                One thing is sure though.  He is not dead.

He is alive in the hearts of NPC members.   He is alive in the annals of journalism.   His excellence did not live only in him.   He imparted and ingrained this tradition to those who worked with or under him.   These journalists who were in fact his de-facto students in work have been continuing the lessons he gave.   Never had there been a stylebook for news writing until he authored one:  this alone taught many amongst us.  The works he did were more than enough to ensure the tradition will live on.
                His presence alone in calls for justice for all journalists killed in the line of duty had been so towering.  He had given the face of the moral courage to continue the flame of justice burning. 

                He also made a call that perhaps it is high time to bring employers of journalists into discourse for “no profession could treat its workers so badly so badly and expect high ethical and professional standards.”

                One page is not enough to tell every good or best thing about him. 

Nevertheless, the NPC sums up all in him.

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