DIRTY DOZEN QUESTIONS in Atimonan 'shootout' or 'rubout'


in Atimonan 'shootout' or 'rubout'

Photo taken during the marking of evidence in the Quezon shootout shows bodies slumped in the second vehicle of the slain men’s convoy. Sources said the body of alleged jueteng lord Vic Siman was among those in the back seat. (PHOTO AND CAPTION TAKEN FROM PHILIPPINE STAR WEBSITE)

If you can answer these questions with sense, you are qualified to be a juror in a trial jury or a grand jury deciding to charge or not to charge suspects in court.

I also pose these questions to my friends, regarding the claimed “shootout” that took place at 3 pm of Sunday (January 6, 2012) in an unpopulated spot of the Maharlika Highway in Atimonan, Quezon Province.

Please answers these based on your logical and common sense and conclude if the story is really RUBOUT or SHOOT OUT.

The questions are:

Will it be possible for the claim of the killers to happen, such as:

(1) anyone of the men seated inside two Mitsubishi Montero SUVs would open fire at anyone in the line of men in full battle gear with fingers on the triggers and that before coming to face about 50 fully-armed men the three vehicles already passed the first checkpoint 500 meters ahead?;

(2) to shoot from the inside of a van when the windows are closed?

(3)  for the third SUV, because the killers claimed there were three SUVs, to make a u-turn to escape when the burst of gunfire started and when it succeeded to make a u-turn fast enough it was not fired upon by the personnel in the first checkpoint?;

(4) to just shoot at the hand and foot of a supposed police colonel who claimed the shooting at him occurred as he approached the SUVs and who claimed further that it was at this time that he was shot at and stepped back that the bullets were sprayed instantaneously on the SUVs?;

(5) for 15 police personnel who were part of the checkpoint team to be in civilian clothes?;

(6) that a legitimate checkpoint operation to take place of all the days of the year right on that day when the group in SUVs were to pass by and of all the 24 hours of that day for the checkpoint to be set up in time for the arrival of these SUVs?;

(7) that it is a normal reaction of all personnel in the checkpoint team to fire their long guns simultaneously granting without admitting that it was indeed true that the police colonel who approached was fired at?;

(8) that it was still possible for those inside to fire back when it shows that all 229 bullet holes hitting both SUVs on the right side, that means that the gunners were positioned in the right side of the highway? ;

(9) that a legitimate checkpoint operation to be stationed at a spot of the highway where there were no residents?;

(10) that checkpoint is legitimate when the purported “team leader” Supt. Hansel Manantan turned out to have been charged with multiple murder before the Office of the Ombudsman and one of those killed was the one who filed the case against him?;

(11) that the checkpoint operation was legit when the “team leader” turned out to be reported as a brother of a sibling into a jueteng business in Southern Tagalog when one of those killed named Vicente “Vic Siman” Atienza has been known in Southern Tagalog as Small Town Lottery (STL) operator when STL has been confirmed to have been used as front for illegal jueteng?; and

(12) that the checkpoint was legit when the “team leader” turned out to be heading  a team of army and a team of policemen from the local Atimonan police station and that no one from the unit of the “team leader” accompanied him?


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