Napoles daughter 'legalized' 'stolen' billions; Celebrated expensive 21st b-day in Hollywood

Napoles daughter 'legalized' 'stolen' billions;
Celebrated expensive 21st b-day in Hollywood

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(Note: The author writes this blog not as a lawyer but a journalist.  Being a sportswriter in the beginning to becoming a senior desk editor and the news editor of then popular People's Tonight tabloid, he cannot sway away from him his blood as a journalist. Foremost of his reason in writing this is the dictate of a blood of a patriot, crying to see billions of pesos of the People's money being flaunted in a heartless extravagance for pleasure like what the daughter of Janet Lim-Napoles did in wearing a set of apparels worth at least One Million Pesos. The author is reasonable in concluding that the money used by this daughter is no less than the money filtered from the billions of pesos of pork barrels, Malampaya gas royalty fund, and Fertilizer Fund of Joc-joc Bolante fame.)

MORE THAN A HUNDRED THOUSAND Filipinos have viewed this author's first blog about the Lim-Napoles family.  That first blog was triggered by the journalist instinct after learning that the clan's matriarch, Janet Lim-Napoles, has been accused of filtering billions of pesos from the pork barrels of senators and congressmen, the Malampaya Gas Royalty Funds, and the Fertilizer Fund of Joc-Joc Bolante fame, all through dubious non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or through manipulations to show that there were indeed deliveries of goods as appearing in the papers to be reported back to the government for liquidation and auditing.

In that first blog entitled "Meet girl in extremely-costly lifestyles using some of P10-B pork barrel of the people?", this author wrote about the daughter's thoughtless extravagance in expenses for pleasure or display during a period of acute public want.  It is written there that this daughter, named Jeane Lim Napoles, wore a dress, a watch, a pair of shoes, a clutch bag and others that total at least One Million Pesos. The dress was a Herve Leger worth at least P75,000, a watch that is Hublot that is worth about One Million Pesos, a pair of shoes that is YSL Tribute that costs about P80,000 and a clutch bag that is Chanel that costs about P400,000.  To support all these assertions of facts, the author posted pictures taken from a social media account of Jeane Lim Napoles.  She even put captions underneath those photos that enabled this author to know what were seen in those photos.  Some of those photos were taken when she attended a premier show of a Hollywood movie.  To attend alone a premier show is costly enough.

Now, the author has come across a video footage showing the 21st birthday celebration of Jeane Lim Napoles.  The party was held in Hollywood and was titled "LEGALIZED JEANE NAPOLES AT 21."

In the same birthday bash, the young woman presented a catwalk showcasing designer dresses and all.  She was among the models who walked on the ramp. At the conclusion, she was bringing a bouquet of flowers.

At the end of the video presentation, visitors of stature greeted her.  The last to greet her was her, saying: "Happy birthday to me."

In the news presented by ABS-CBN, which also cited the first blog of this author, it is said that the mother Jeane claimed that the young was a magna cum laude graduate and for that the mother gifted the daughter with a Porsche.  The mother also was cited to have gifted another Porsche as a 21st birthday present.  

Unaware or not, the title of the birthday celebration represented as if it tried to legalize the billions of pesos the mother is accused of stealing. Watch the video below:

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