PAF Maj. Hindang, members of PMA Honor Committee, resign!

PAF Maj. Hindang, members of 
PMA Honor Committee, resign!

PAF Maj. Dennis Hindang

Maj. Hindang was the one who filed the honor report violation against Cadet First Class Aldrin Jeff P. Cudia.  Then, Hindang was the only military officer who was present when the members of the Honor Committee deliberated on the case of Cudia. 

If you will not resign, we will cause a Court Martial proceeding against you, along with all the members of the Honor Committee who are now commissioned officers of the AFP.

Now, Court Martial proceedings are ripe that the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has come out with the final factual report and it turned out that:

1. The minutes of the first voting were tampered, and left out substantial portions that would justify not dismissing Cudia;

2. The cadet who voted not to dismiss Cudia was pressured to change his vote, but before he could do so, the Honor Committee already announced their verdict to dismiss Cudia; and

3. The chair and a member of the Honor Committee had vested interest in having Cudia dismissed, but they did not inhibit themselves from the proceedings – Cadet first class Mike Mogol had filed an honor violation complaint against Cudia before, but it was dismissed; Cadet first class Noel Raguindin, who ranked second in the Navy class, stood to benefit if Cudia, who topped the class, would be dismissed.
Also, PMA officials must be liable before the Court Martial.   The CHR also found that there was an attempt by PMA insiders to secretly tape the consultations that Cudia had with his family and officials from the Public Attorney’s Office and CHR.

The CHR also recommended the filing of administrative, criminal (for perjury), and civil suits for violations of the Honor Code, dishonesty and violation of the secrecy of the ballot, tampering with the true result of the voting, intentional omission in the Minutes of substantive part of the formal trial proceedings which is prejudicial to the interest of justice, and discrimination, against officers and members of the Honor Committee who are now all second lieutenants.

They are : Mike Anthony Mogol, Arwi Martinez, Renato Carino, Niko Angelo Tarayao, Jeanelyn Cabrido, Kim Adrian Martal, Jairus Fantin, Bryan Sonny Arlegui, Bianchiheimer Edra, Jennifer Cuarteron, Leoncio Nico de Jesus, Salvaciona and Cuadra.

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