Please think about this.

Is there such a thing as intelligent vote?

It's a free country and yes you can do what you want.  But please think twice if what you will do is intelligent enough.

Now, the field for the Presidency of 2016 is open and certain names are cropping up as possible candidates.  Of these, Vice-President Jejomar Binay is, according to the latest Pulse Asia survey, a runaway winner at 40% if the elections were held today.

Yes, everyone has the right to vote anyone.  But please think whether your vote is intelligent enough as to the issue of who shall do best for the country.

To my mind, Binay is corrupt so that I will not vote for him.  Instead of finishing the business of convicting and imprisoning big political names charged with stealing billions of pesos in PDAF or whatever else, Binay will just make some plays to help them out if not pardon them right away.

I believe that Mar Roxas who tails at No. 5 with 6% only in the same Pulse Asia survey has shown how he will manage the country if he becomes President and I am not impressed. I am sorry.

I may gamble my only one vote for Senator Grace Poe who ranks second to Binay at 15% in the same survey but she said she is not running.  Besides, I am convinced she is not yet knowledgeable on how to address national and international issues, economic, labor, agriculture and the China issue, and THE CLOSEST TO MY HEART THAT IS JUSTICE.

I am considering Senator Miriam Santiago again after voting for her for President in 1992.  But her behavior of shouting at people she does not like disgusts me.

I am not convinced the chick boy Senator Chiz Escudero will do any good as a President.  If he left his first wife, he also has the gall to leave the country that is not even his relative.   So I take him out of my equation.

I will never ever vote for Senator Bong-Bong Marcos, who is at No. 6 with 5% in Pulse Asia's survey.  It is disgusting to vote any son of a plunderer, dictator and a top human rights violator.   A vote for him is like patronizing and promoting plunder, dictatorship and human rights violations and this will breed a culture of continuous corruption.

I am considering Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte but I fear Philippines will be killing fields everywhere if he were the President.  While he denies it, I believe he is behind in most summary killings in Davao City, vertical and horizontal.

I am thinking of Rehab Czar Panfilo Lacson.  But I have strong reservations on his human rights records, too, like Duterte.

For me, I will vote for the person who will pledge to install Hukuman ng Mamamayan, or Jury System, where it is no less than the people themselves through their representatives raffled from them and screened who shall vote to charge a person with commission of crimes and who shall vote to convict or acquit the accused in Court.

And if nobody comes up with a pledge to install Jury System, I will be compelled to file my certificate of candidacy for President for the May 2016 derby.  I will never win or I will be disqualified as a nuisance for lack of campaign funds.  But I will have opportunities to have people focused on what would I say or argue about Jury System.    Assurance of justice for every act of abuse, crime, discrimination, greed is the best way for the people to continuously live in peace, do work and business assured of fairness in competition, and to achieve their dreams.

I request all voters to at least think the way I do if you write the name of your vote for President when you vote in May 2016.

Voting is sacred.  It determines what lies ahead for our country and also of the voter's.   Do not give away your vote just because the person is lovable to look at.  If your are not sure, better leave your ballot blank.


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