P-Noy to make jeepneys to CNGs, launch 100,000 electric tricycles, convert buses


P-Noy to make jeepneys to CNGs, launch 100,000 electric tricycles, convert buses 

President P-Noy stated in Youtube World View interview, the fourth world leader to have been dated by Youtube, of striking programs his government will do.

First of this is the conversion of all jeepneys, tricycles and buses into motors powered by CNG (compressed natural gas), LPG (liquified petroleum gas) or electric.
Jeepneys will be converted to CNGs, tricycles to electric and buses to CNG or LPG or electric. This his government will do by giving bridging funds from Asian Development Bank to be lent to operators of these vehicles.  For tricycles, he envisions to have 100,000 electric tricycles  immediately.

His policy in resolving rebellion is to give freedom from hunger and provide education and basic services to the places where these are not found.  

His basic principle in attacking rebellion is these can be resolved if there is good governance, so that he assures that there will good governance.  

He cited that from 2008, about 80% of the P10 billion to P12 billion budget of the ARMM cannot be accounted for. If only these funds were ensured to have gone to purposes by means of good governance, there could have been lesser rebellion problem.

To generate jobs, he keeps on focusing on getting investments.  To add to this, he will develop the NAIA airports to achieve 10 million visitors. If one tourist means one job, there will 10,000 jobs that would be created.  He also tasked the education sector to address the mismatch between skills of available manpower and the skills needed for jobs because at present there are 50,000 jobs that cannot be filled in for lack of persons having the required skills.
On justice system, he instructed Justice Secretary Leila De Lima to reform the prosecutorial system and rate the prosecutors on the basis of the number of conviction for every case handled.

He specifically instructed for a focus on filing charges for cases that are not frivolous to ensure a higher rate of conviction.

Bullets of points raised are listed after the interview to aid in the understanding of what he was talking about.



President Benigno Simeon "P-Noy" Aquino is the first Asian president to be Interviewed by Google-Youtube's World View project. 

The first who was interviewed is US President Barrack Obama. The second to be focused was UK Prime Minister David Cameroon.  The third was EU President Jose Manuel Barroso.

Topics talked about:

What can he do for Filipinos to work locally instead of abroad.

1. Attract investors, domestic and international. Thru state visits, the latest to China: expecting $7.9 B investments.  

2. Address jobs mismatch. He tasked the education sector on vocational aspects to prepare the people for jobs after graduation, going after jobs that would be hot at the time they graduate.  "We want to get back 10 million people from abroad."

3. BPO industries, to be nurtured.

4. Education industries.

5. Eyes on outsourcing 

6. Dream of manufacturing side to get it back.  Manufacturing vehicles. Investor from China looking for 10,000 hectares for freeport.  Shipbuilding, the PHL is now 4th in the world.

Street people issues

1. NCR - 5,000 families at the end of 2010;

2. 1/3 of budget devoted to social concerns, CCT funds, providing funds for families living below poverty line.  Conditions, to keep kids in school, keep against diseases; geting 2.3 million in 2011 by November. Started with 800,000 CCT beneficiaries.

Peace and security

1. Plans for overall defense.

2. Assistance to both PNP and AFP to be prioritized.

3. Provide the soldiers and cops with the basic needs, housing (spending 1/3 of rental on housing, another 1/3 for basic needs, 1/3 others including education). With housing at 5,000 pesos a month, the housing will cost them P200 a month only.  So that the cops and soldiers.

4. Three more Hamilton class ship, patrol crafts, aircraft and helicopter for both the Navy and the Air force. APCs, basic rifles, P10B modernization program.

5. Solution for rebellion:  solutions: education, freedom from hunger, bring basic services.

Security Situation in Mindanao

Eliminating the problem is a goal, the methodology is a question.

1. If the situation is there is a kid who cannot study because there is no school, tackle the root causes.

2. Start providing basic services, provide security forces to ensure that roads are constructed, rural services with doctors and nurses, 

3. If government is practicing good governance, I believe everything else follows.

4. The COA came out with a report that the Office of the ARMM in 2008 and 2009, 80 percent of funds are questionable.  P10 to P12 billion budget.  These have not been delivered, this complicated the problem.  If there is good governance, then there is hope to all thiese.

5. Before when I was a congressman, the problem always was "there were no funds."  BUT now, if I ask my budget secreary, he says there is if you say so.  Crediting it to zero-budget strategy.

6. On agriculture, before 1.3 m tons now only about 600,000 tons of rice import. 34,000 tons a day in NFA, 31,000 in Agri.  Promised that in 2012 they will achieve sufficiency in rice until 2013

7. Give seeds, marketing arm for upland farmers, farm to market roads.

NAIA airport

1. Plans, heavily-built area, totally saturated, 32,000,000 arrivals design now approaching 33 million.  It will take up a lot of expropriation proceedings.  30year old structure, improving structurally and aesthetically.  It is not a stopgap for 5 years. Wer looking for an alternative airoprt.

2. We are focusing on tourism. We are looking at 10million tourist arrivals, if one tourist gives one job 10,000 millions.

Jeepney issues

1. To convert jeepneys to CNG or LPG. To help freeze from Middle East oil.

2. Emission testing centers were found to be scrupulous.. 8 machines sould only be 30 machines in a day, but giving certificates for 600 vehicles.

3. There has been quite a dramatic drop in air pollution.

4. Electric tricycles.  Well implement this. It increase from 200 to 450 takehome take for drivers.

5. Buses also CNG and electric.

6. Energy Efficiency program conducted by the DOE.

The Govt is providing financial funds from ADB. Targeting 100,000 new tricycles of electric power. To give bridge financing.

Storms issues

1. EDUCATE PEOPLE --- Increase the awareness aspects, reconfiguring the government tvs to have weather programs, whys, hazard mapping , landslides and floods.  At least 12 hours preparedness.  

2. We'd rather not implement forced evacuation. Make a system to leave one responsible person per family and evacuate the rest, with police security.

Criminal justice issues

His government is not in extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances. To compensate donors from EU pledged genuine change that under his leadership there will be justice reforms.

1. Prosecutorial improvement.  100 cases, 86 are acquittals or dismissal.  Conviction rate is 14% and takes them 6 years to do it.  I have tasked DOJ secretary to reform the prosecutorial system where conviction shall be the basis of efficiency rate for promotion. Determine which cases are solid or which are not. Do away with frivolous cases. If we cannot convict for crimes with impunity.

2. It is not a policy of my government for enforced disappearances.

3. We can rightfully claim that our PNP used to say solve the crimes if suspects are arrested.  They have changed this into real "solve" although they can't track all his government is unrelenting.

Freedom of Information Bill

1. We have not hidden any information from the public even in the absence of the law, but adhering to the Constitution.

2. May cause widespread panic due to misuse of information.

Examples, a major highway will cause a right of way. Dont publish which route shall be taken.  IF it is announced before acquisition, it will drive the cost high.

Person of suspected SARS, if known prematurely, it will cause panic and people who did 

3. Absolute freedom is the greatest actual imprisonment

To shout there's a fire in the movie house is not allowed.

Bank runs, if lack of evidence, it will cause panic or bank run when the bank is actually still stabel.

4. For now, we have engaged civil society in crafting budget.

5. We have posted on websites all programs.

6. Their concern is really once I am gone, is there a legal backstop wherein the program can continue?  The devil is in the details. Promised that once all these are sorted out, the FOI bill will be pushed.

RH Bill

I am in support of the bill.

It is in the Congress, they are debating on the merit and the demerit.

We have 2 point something growth rate in population.

Sexual education, a member of my security detail that 3 days before enrolment told him that it was really expensive to enrol in college, he has six other children and he has not prepared that.

Educate the people, tell them their choices, and leave them to decide. IT is not our policy to force them what to do.

Promote specific destination

None. In every place, there is always sites that will make your travel worthwhile.

Once our transpo are more addressed, the inter-island travel will be more enhanced.

Christmas wish

Naniniwala po ba kayo kay Santa Claus. Ano ang xmas wish mo?

Santa Claus is the idea of caring.

If I were to wish: "More than anything, we really have to shift to transforming on how we can assist our neighbor, what we could contribute to the environment, rather than focusing on envy.  This must be a facet of our daily lives.

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