Dyaryo Magdalo (Oct 24-30 2011): Marcos a hero?

Dyaryo Magdalo (Oct 24-30 2011): 
Marcos a hero?

Issues in this issue:

1.  It's the measure of how glorious is the death to earn right to the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

2.  What happened with the half-a-billion-peso diamonds seized by PASG?

3.  Lim fires own man for taking bribes.

4.  Press triumphs over the evils of the GSIS.

5.  OFW congressional district outside PHL? Why not?

6.  Tell that to the marines.

7.  Chapter V of Simplified Libel Law in the Philippines: The GIJUMO Defense.

8.  "No Reatreat" Boxers Compared.

9.  Poetry Reality:  A poem entitled "Poetic" and the editor's brief review.

Dyaryo Magdalo (Oct 24-30 2011)
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