Stupid, the economy has neither gone worse than 4 years ago!

Stupid, the economy has neither
gone worse than 4 years ago!

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The biggest campaigner of Obama and the worst threat to Romney is the Republican argument that says: ECONOMY HAS NOT GONE BETTER THAN 4 YEARS AGO.

This is the campaign line of the Romney ticket. Unfortunately, it is the same campaign line that has loosened out voters' interest in him. It is one explanation why Obama bounced by 5 percent in surveys, particularly among swing states, including the biggest vote giver Florida (29 electoral college votes) and Ohio (18 ec votes).

The Republicans failed to notice the subliminal message: "YES, IT'S TRUE. BUT ECONOMY HAS NEITHER GONE WORSE THAN 4 YEARS AGO."

The Obama campaign succeeded in impressing upon the Americans that it could have been worse if Obama were not good in keeping from sliding down further the collapse of the Wall Street six weeks before the election of 2008.

Thanks to former President Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention.

This guy whose political principles hang on the line, "It's the economy, stupid," succeeded in turning the not-so-good local economy into Obama's advantage.

Even Republican-leaning Rasmussen survey firm showed at least a 4-percent up for Obama in both Florida and Ohio.

As it stands now, Obama is almost sure of getting 237 electoral college votes as against Romney's 206.  A winner must get at least 270 ec votes.  

This means that Obama needs only 33 ec votes. If Barrack wins Florida which is likely at this stage because he leads in the Sunshine State 47.8% to 46.5%, he needs only four votes that can be given by New Hampshire's only four ec votes considering that the Black President is ahead there 47.3% to 43.3%.

Obama's victory was clear already six (6) weeks before the 2008 elections.

It is now six (6) weeks, too, away from the 2012 elections.  Look at the latest poll (September 16, 2012) below and you almost can say a repeat of Obama victory.

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