Will AXIS be a machine that will kill Google?

Will AXIS be a machine that will kill Google?

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I woke up at 7:00 a.m. of September 16, 2012 getting a little bit shocked when I opened my computer and the Firefox browser to lead me to my Yahoo mail page.

After logging in, this AXIS whose symbol is a simple triangle popped up telling me that it is a tool that will redefine search on the web.

Without a doubt and a big trust in Yahoo, I immediately clicked on the demonstration video.It was easy to understand and the way I took the message was that it was meant to make search a lot easier and a lot livelier.

The first thing I want in every search I make has been a preview of any of the search results. Then I want that I immediately get into the very word or topic that I am searching for.  This is always my primary want in an iPhone, a tablet or a PC.

Alas, Axis is it!

So I immediately clicked the download tab and it was so quick--in a few seconds not reaching a minute--to download and install.

Though I have not tried it, I immediately made Axis my home page.

See it for yourself and watch the demo and the intro by clicking the play signs below:

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