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Over and above the proven capacity to perform his work as an experienced lawyer and as a barangay chairman, DESTROY BINAY DYNASTY IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY why I am urging all my relatives, clients and friends in Makati to GIVE IT ALL FOR RENE BONDAL.

For decades, the check-and-balance system has disappeared in Makati.

That man who once fascinated Makati with his being a human rights lawyer during the time of the Marcos dictatorship turned up to BUILD AN EMPIRE and destroy in the process that noble check-and-balance system.

He started out as an officer-in-charge mayor courtesy of then Interior Secretary Nene Pimentel, one of the strongest men of then President Cory Aquino.

So that his political capital was his being a member of PDP or Partido Demokratikong Pilipino (PDP), whose head then was Nene, the most reputable son of Cagayan de Oro that time. He also got help from another Cory strongman Joker Arroyo.

That past compared to today when the Kingdom of Binay is as impermeable and as invincible as The Great Wall of China made that man named Atty. Jejomar Binay a political genius of sort.

While sitting as the OIC mayor, Jejomar slowly built his "sultanate" on his populist ideas made into action.  He embarked on the "Yellow Card" idea that has proven to be a lot of success. The poor of Makati felt the goodness of the program. My bestfriend, Alden Alag, said that at the start of his being OIC mayor Jejomar or Jojo would walk every morning in the slums of Makati complete with medicine kit and others shake hands with the people and once he would see having some illness like headaches, cough or whatever, the medicine was right there and then.

In fact, I credit Jojo Binay as the originator of this kind of politicking that virtually all others in the Philippines has copied. For one, he has been so successful. Indeed, no one can argue against success.

Along the way, Jojo has been accused of thievery of the City's money.  But not one of those charges has succeeded.  The closest his opponents could get against Jojo was when Gloria Arroyo administration got a suspension order on accusations of plunder, which did not succeed because all the opposition against Gloria, including Cory herself, ran to his side to form a barricade against the team that was to serve the suspension.  In P-Noy's time, his wife has been indicted at the Sandiganbayan.

Along the way, Binay felled every sleuthing "crusader" who would dare venture against him, including Iloilo congressman Boboy Syjuco and retired general Ramon Montaño who now runs as an independent senatorial candidate.

Binay was among the first to circumvent the law against three-term limits. When his time was up that he cannot legally run for mayor, he fielded his wife Dr. Binay to keep the kingdom in his hands.  After that, he took back the helm before running for Vice-President under the theme "Ganito Kami sa Makati."

When he ran to get the biggest prize so far that he won the vice-presidency, he left the throne to able-bodied son Junjun Binay with daughter Atty. Abigail Binay aside as the congresswoman of one of the two seats in the city.

He is now at his fingertip to reach the goal to become PRESIDENT JOJO BINAY.  He is running too high on all surveys that no one can defeat him. But he never slows down. He showed more enthusiasm to build his kingdom stronger that he fielded his other daughter Nancy Binay to the senatorial lineup of the major opposition party against the administration of P-Noy.  Now, the surveys show Nancy in the winning circle despite the fact that her major qualification is only for being a daughter of V-Nay.

All these platforms now appear ready for his eventual running for president in 2016 and he appears unconquerable that it could be said that even the strongest opponent in Mar Roxas will surely fail to sway.

Despite all these, I am urging all my clients, friends in Facebook and elsewhere, and relatives in Makati to DESTROY THE BASE OF THE IMMORAL KINGDOM.

Let us all rise and say: "TAMA NA, SOBRA NA, BITAY NA!"

Let us rally behind ATTY. RENE BONDAL!

For lack of money, Atty. Bondal, a former barangay chairman in Makati, just go house-to-house in his campaign.

I believe that with the daily rounds, I believe that with the passionate and meaningful campaign help from meaningful people, I believe that with the passion of Atty. Bondal, the clouds that prevent the people to see the sun shining will fall and bring flood to destroy that kingdom!

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