Abner and his wife Odette
Mr. Galino was one of my dependable writing-mates at the then popular afternoon English tabloid, People's Journal Tonight.

The poem was dedicated by him to his four children but it is applicable to all of us who live and to those who will still be born.

The poem has similarity to the poem "IF" written by Rudyard Kipling over a hundred years ago and also has the impression of that popular poem "DESIDERATA."

My kumpare wants to impart that for every turn on the road of life, there are choices and you have to make a choice.  In the case of my kumpare, he had two choices then that it was so material for him to make a choice. Those choices for him and his wife could spell death or life for both of them and their children.  And when they chose to come to America that spelled their life: There were only two choices but it was seemingly the hardest moment to make a choice.   My help to them was in the form of endorsement of their travel to the USA.

Their children: Aldrin, Allen, Aldrea and Abby
To preserve this work of art by my kumpare, I am posting a copy of his poem.

In the introductory post that Mr. Galino wrote, he said:

"A couple of weeks back, I wrote a poem using mainly four-letter words. I am putting it up for my children Abby GalinoAllen Chris Galino,Aldrin Galino and Aldrea Galino as the poem seems to represent much of the thoughts that I want to impart to them. Here it (the poem) is:"

My kumpare did not give a title to his poem. But I prefer to entitle it "IT'S ALL YOUR CALL, SON."


To love or hate,
is for you to find.
Know that life is half of both.
Take your pick.
Life will not wait.
Turn the page,
you can only stay 
here for so long.
Rage if you must,
some things do stir fury.
Know that this road
is not paved with gold.
Pick your side. 
You can't stay bent
all the time.
Mind of what you 
give or take in this life,
cause in them you may
gain or lose your soul.
Spar with fate.
Live life

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