Cudia got 94.481% ave. in last semester; 96% in conduct and navy subjects

Cudia got 94.481% ave. in last semester; 
96% in conduct and navy subjects

Cudia with foster mom Ched, showing smiles for the first time
Irony of ironies.

With very high grades in the last semester at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), the same semester that he was charged with Honor Code violation by lying on just justification why he was late for two (2) minutes in his English class, how can the PMA be logical in its claim that Cudia deceived and intended to take undue advantage when he fought out the accusation?

The controversial Cadet First Class Aldrin Jeff P. Cudia got a grade average of 94.481% in the last semester of his cadetship at the Philippine Military Academy, having highest grade of 96% in the subjects named "Conduct" and "Navy Operations & Tactics."

These academic records are so high, proving it was impossible or not probable to conclude that Cudia was protecting his academic ranking when he contested the 13 demerits and 11 touring hours punished him by his tactical officer, PAF Major Dennis Hindang.

Saying otherwise, it was immaterial whatever happens to the appeal against 13 demerits and 11 touring hours.
So that it is grievously wrong for eight (8) members of the Honor Committee to conclude that Cudia was taking undue advantage and had that intent to deceive to protect his academic honor rank.

The grades of Cudia in the last semester of 2013-2014 school year are as follows:

APT412 - Aptitude for the Service XI -- 91%, one unit;
CON452 - Conduct XI -- 96%, five units;
OR432 - Operations Research -- 94%, three units;
ENG412 - English Mentoring -- 91%, one unit;
IR432 - International Relation -- 95%, three units;
IT 432 - Special Topics in Info Tech -- 94%, three units;
CD432 - Community Development -- 94%, three units;
NS432 - Naval Operations & Tactics -- 96%, three units;
NL432 - Fundamentals of Naval Leadership -- 94%, three units; and
PE422 - Physical Education VII -- 94%, two units.

Indeed, it was reported that he would still be in the top of the Navy class and in the entire PMA if only he was allowed to graduate on March 16, 2014.
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