I won the qualified theft case filed against my client, Mary Dionne Tayong, after the good prosecutor Ju-Haree Tolentino resolved the re-investigation in favor of my arguments that she is INNOCENT.

The first mark of innocence that I pointed out was the fact that my client was already riding on a passenger jeepney when police operatives arrested her co-employees at Bodyshop at Resorts World.

In other words, she was not there present at the store when the arrests occurred.  And it was also admitted by the management that my client was not there present.  Actually, when Ms. Tayong was immediately arrested only after she arrived at the store.

According to the charges of the management of Bodyshop, the employees provided by a local employment agency conspired to make it appear that the sales were paid by customers of Resorts World with points instead of pesos.

At Resorts World, one point is equivalent to one peso and all points earned by its customers can be tendered like cash in buying at stores inside RW.

With this fact, legality speaks that there was no theft that occurred because the money was not taken but merely replaced with exact equivalent amounts in terms of points.

The order of dismissal of the case against my client was incorporated in the Pre-Trial Order issued by the good Judge Ramizo of Pasay RTC Branch 114 after Prosecutor Tolentino filed a Second Amended Information removing the name of my client from the list of the accused.

See the Pre-Trial Order posted here below:

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