Makati Parking Bldg vs Koronadal City Hall

Makati Parking Bldg 
Koronadal City Hall

I thought of coming out with this blog, comparing the 11-storey Makati City Parking Building 2 that costs P2.7 billion against the Koronadal City Hall that was questioned up to the Ombudsman because the cost of P200 million was argued as overpriced.

From the news story of Mindanao News, the acquisition of a 7.5 hectare of land for the new City Hall of Koronadal was questioned because it was argued that P22 million was overpriced.

Then the City during the time of Mayor Fernando Q. Miguel budgeted P200 million for the four-storey City Hall with a basement.

The building was finally completed with the former mayor still fighting until today a corruption case filed against him.  It is about 10,000 square meters in all and with sprawling open spaces consisting of 7 hectares that may be available for landscaping.

Today, the mayor of Koronadal is Peter Miguel, a son of the ex-mayor.

To see the City Hall of Koronadal as it is today, a photo is presented below:

City Hall Building of Koronadal City, build for a controversial cost of P200 million

        According to MindaNews, ex-mayor Miguel boasted that they paid P9 million to United Technologies for the design and supervision of the new City Hall.

        Honestly, I am not impressed by the design that, to my mind, is ordinary.

        A howl of protest was raised against the P22 million paid by the City Government to the landowner.  In the same MindaNews report, it was alleged that the officials received commissions from the landowner to approve the sale of the land, leading to the filing of a complaint against Miguel and others before the Office of the Ombudsman-Mindanao.

        In contrast, the Makati City Parking Building 2 comprised of 11 stories with a total area of 31,000 square meters, or roughly three (3) times the area of the Koronadal City Hall.  But the cost of building the Makati tower was reported to have reached P2.7 billion.  

        But if we extrapolate by ratio and proportion, if the Koronadal City Hall building price is correct, then the Makati Parking Bldg. must cost only for P600 million.  The Makati building is not also impressive, contrary to the claim it is "world class."

        To have an idea, let the parking building photo be shown below.

        So what can you say now, folk?

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