Filipino Jury Party mulled

Filipino Jury Party mulled

In a 4:00 a.m. meeting between two advocates of Jury System at a simple tea house (My Sam's) at a corner of UN Avenue and Mabini St., Ermita, Manila, sprouted an idea to organize and launch Filipino Jury Party.

The idea was borne out of beef mami meeting between Berteni "Toto" Cataluña Causing of Hukuman ng Mamamayan Movement Inc. (HMMI) and Ana Maravilla of Philjury in London.

The ultimate objective of this new political party is to press for a change in the justice system by making the people themselves as judges in all courts in the country. It is more of giving to the people the responsibility of taking care of the justice system. Today, the people vote for the President, Vice-President, Senators, Congressmen and other elective posts; but they do not vote for the judges and justices.  If power begins from the people, why are they helpless in issues of justice?  Why have the so-called legal minds appointed as judges and justices are still allowed to dictate when they only borrowed from the people that power to judge?

It is high time to give back to the people that power to judge, which power that belongs to them, anyway.

I invite my friends who are willing to sacrifice for this cause to join the Filipino Jury Party. The objective is to field a complete set of candidates all over the country; for councilors, vice-mayors, mayors, board members, vice-governors, governors, congressmen, senators, vice-president and president for the 2016 elections.

Our idea is to present FilJury Party candidates as the first to run without money involved in the actual campaign. It is our principle that all candidates who use money will always get money from projects when they win. We believe that by continuing this idea we will be giving birth to culture of politics without money.

Every nation's strength, standing, reputation and destiny is dictated by the kind of people elected in all political positions. With this reality, there is no other way to cause a more permanent and stronger change for the Filipino but only through elections. The more noble people elected, the better it is.

With this premise, it is now our objective that all people with noble ideas in the country must be gathered in one money-less party to show an example of real good politics.

Again, I am inviting those noble-minded friends willing to volunteer their time and effort to send me a message to my PM if they want to sign up for this new caravan.

My belief is that even if there is no money, if all noble individuals are linked up and are moving, walking and talking in one direction they can beat even the best-funded political organizations.

Many will surely raise their eyebrows at us. Many will ask: "Are you people lunatic?" Many will just never mind. Many will say it is not yet time.

But this I say to them: "If not now, when is the right time? If not you, who will start this?"


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