Filipinos are biased hypocrites


Why those demanding for justice for the death of Jeffrey Laude demand for actual custody over a person who is only a suspect yet in killing the "transgender" and when the purpose of actual custody is anyway served?

Why insist on the custody over Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton to be jailed in the same manner ordinary Filipino prisoners are kept in the jails for the accused WHEN WE ALLOW FIRST CLASS TREATMENTS TO HIGH-CLASS AND BIG-TIME SUSPECTED THIEVES in the persons of the three senators, former President-in-fact Gloria Arroyo and former President Joseph Estrada who we even accepted after he was pardoned by another suspected plunderer?

We Filipinos are People buried deep in the culture of corruption as acceptable as long as we are not the victims, as long as corruption serves our pride, as long as it caters to our fears, or as long as the money given is laughing and not coerced out of resistance. And yet we cry to the heaven if we fall victims of corruption in action no matter how small.

We Filipinos are willing to give money to policemen, prosecutors or judges if put in a circumstance of being tried or of being arrested for drugs or other crimes.  And yet we are people who are mad as hell when put in the side of victims of heinous and other crimes and when we suspect the criminals bought freedom from the cops, the fiscals and the magistrates.

To tell our people honestly, particularly to the family of Jeffrey Laude, I am better assured that justice is served when Pemberton is found guilty.  The USA will not allow itself to be shamed to the whole world by protecting its soldier from the punishment when judgment is there.  Being convicted is far different from being accused.

After all, the only purpose of detention is nothing more than an assurance that in case the accused is found guilty he is there to answer the call of conscience.

Moreover, unlike in the cases of "very important persons (VIPs)" being accused of plunder and murder, the case of Pemberton is separated by a substantial distinction.   

Pemberton's case cannot be separated from an agreement officially entered by our country with another country and in signing that agreement we must accept that we already gave up some of our honor, reputation and sovereignty to the consequences of the implementation of the agreement.   

We must accept the fact that actual taking of custody over Pemberton also offends the honor, reputation and sovereignty of the USA.

We must accept the fact that when we enter into an agreement, we give because the other side gives; or we do because the other side gives; or we do because the other side does. This is the nature of any agreement.

If we do not know how to respect agreements just because we found out later that we got the worse end of the bargain, then we are losing our face, principle, honor and integrity.

In short, if even the most honest and clean-living Filipino parents are willing to give One Million Pesos just to free their children from prison after the arrest for drugs, if even we sell our votes every election to the buyers of political positions, if we do not know how to resign from offices even if there strong pieces of evidence that we plundered, if we give money voluntarily to clerks just because they acted quickly upon our requests for certified documents,  what moral ascendancy do we have in insisting to have the actual custody over Pemberton?

We did not see that when we insist on bodily taking Pemberton to our jail we will be placed in shame as a consequence of rejection of the insistence.

We are not fair.

We are more of biased hypocrites.

Aren't we?

Read the Inquirer article reporting that the US refused to hand over Pemberton at this link:
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