For 59 years now, the National Press Club is still defined as press freedom

NPC @ 59: 

The concept of this theme, “NPC @ 59: WE DEFINE”, stands on the following ideas of what the NPC will do for one year from now:

  1.       “We Define” is going in rhyme with “NPC at 59” and we will massively and continuously disseminate this to all media outlets, all our websites and blogsites, will issue one-page pamphlets on this defining what NPC will do for one year, will have this topic as the first to be discussed in all seminars that may be conducted for the whole year, will have this theme printed for all the letterheads of NPC to be used for the whole year and for all t-shirts that will be printed and issued for the whole year; all these efforts are geared at making this concept understood and absorbed as a pride by the members, and to convey a good impression upon the minds of the students of journalism and the community;
  2.       “We Define” means NPC is taking the lead over all other press issues and over all press organizations in all matters that should be taken cognizance of by the NPC;
  3.     “We Define” means NPC will define the responsible and fine practices of journalism in the country, including the definition of what should be the responsible way of working as a media man;
  4.         “We Define” means NPC will exhort and will always remind all its members to abide by the ethics of the vocation or profession to set as examples to all other journalists;
  5.      “We Define” means NPC will give guidance to all journalists on how to fight enemies of press freedom;
  6.    “We Define” means NPC will take the lead in the fight for justice for all slain journalists with the end view of instilling fear in the mind of the enemies of press freedom that the law will catch them up even if they kill reporters and broadcasters;
  7.         “We Define” means NPC will try its best to increase the trust of the public in the NPC and all practitioners of press freedom;
  8.    “We Define” means NPC will instill a new culture of respect for all media persons, NPC members and non-members alike, from the courts, from the politicians, from the government offices, and, most importantly, from the people.

With these, all actions that we will do for one year shall be based on the above-listed ideas.  These will be published soon.

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