Dyaryo Magdalo (Oct 17-23 2011)

Dyaryo Magdalo (Oct 17-23 2011)

In this issue you'll read:

1. Visa mafia in Binondo used for special retirees visas;
2. Given Grace, raped-killed under full moon, given justice;
3. Saudi gov't helps Filipino hajj pilgrims;
4. Prosecutors abuse "probable cause", calling on DOJ to shift to "air-tight evidence" rule;
5. Anti-crime budge of Malacanang questioned;
6. Immigration "chiz-miz" and kinks;
7. Poetry of life;
8. Chapter IV of Simplified Libel Book of Berteni "Toto" Cataluña Causing


Dyaryo Magdalo (Oct 17-23, 2011 issue)
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