Chairman 'Epal' of Barangay Palatiw

Chairman 'Epal' of Barangay Palatiw
If true, this complaint of newsman Fernan J. Angeles, demonstrates one unforgivable form of grabbing the credit (termed as "epal" in the modern vernacular parlance) in the giving of relief goods.
I personally know that it was Angeles, The Daily Tribune's reporter assigned in Malacañang, who solicited the relief goods for the flood victims in Barangay Palatiw in Pasig City.
Fernan asked help from Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman and Rose Lacierda Uy, sister of Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda.

When the goods came, Chairman "Epal" (Bobot Guevarra) wanted to take over the giving of the relief goods to the people who were not given by Chairman "Epal" because they were not able to present their Voter's ID.

Chairman "Epal" dragged his wife into the scene to make it appear to the people that it was them who worked hard for the relief goods.

Fernan said that Chairman "Epal" wanted his wife to succeed him as the next chairman of Barangay Palatiw.

The letter-complaint of Fernan is quoted verbatim below:

 14August 2012

Department of Interior and Local Government
EDSA, Quezon City

Re: One relief bag in lieu of supporting his wife

Dear Honorable Secretary:

While trying to do our share of giving back the goodness we've been getting, I came across a Barangay Chair by the name of Eriberto 'Bobot' Guevarra of Palatiw, pasig City.

I am appalled by the way chairman Bobot Guevarra behaved on the night of 13August 2012. A medium built male shouldn't be picking a fight with a woman, whose only fault was to refuse to cave in to his bid to wrestle control over the privately sourced out relief packages my wife and some friends have been giving away to families whom he has refused to help for that lame reason that they were not able to present Voters' ID. 

As it is, a softie village chief Bobot Guevarra welcomes all sorts of donations for the flood victims but doesn't seem willing to release it to those who need it most. While getting people to share hard-earned resources for the flood victims, here comes Bobot Guevarra who appears the only authorized person who can make the actual distribution of these relief packages. 

Interestingly, Bobot Guevarra, in the constant company of his preferred successor, drags his wife as having spent on it when the truth is that neither him nor his wife shelled out a dime in it. We sourced those relief packages directly from Cabinet Secretaries Jesse Robredo (DILG), Dinky Soliman (DSWD) and Rose Lacierda Uy (sister of presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda). 

As it is, Bobot Guevarra is using government resources to push his wife's political bid while making it appear that his wife bought the 500 relief packages (each package amounting to P350) that my wife and I asked from friends. I find this incident alarming. As such, we are formally asking that an investigation to determine his culpability in an incident we deem as threatening to bring down the integrity of the government's social services. 

May we also ask that he be placed under preventive suspension for the duration of the investigation on what appears to be an perfect example of an "Epal" using government funds, resources and machinery to advance their conjugal political agenda.

Very Truly Yours:

Senior Reporter
The Daily Tribune (


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