President's uncle, Peping Cojuangco

Ever wonder why of all Southeast Asian countries, Philippines got ZERO in terms of a medal won in the just-concluded 2012 Olympics in London, England?

Blame it on Peping Cojuangco.

He must leave the leadership of the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) if he is patriotic.

He caused best athletes to leave because Peping has embraced, protected and aided illegal persons into grabbing leadership in some National Sports Associations (NSAs).  POC must not exercise control as to who should be accredited or recognized among the associations. POC must not dip its hands in the financial programs for the athletes.

When P-Noy became president, Peping became president, too, but of the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC).

As president of POC, everybody must get his approval to get funds from the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) for sports training and development. There is no law that requires POC's consent for sports programs to be funded by the PSC.  But those who sit in the PSC board, the chairman and commissioners, were seated there because of the recommendations of Peping. So who are they to go against him?

As POC president, only him can say who should be accredited by the world federation of each sport.  For instance, Philippine Football Federation (PFF) must get accreditation from POC if it wants to keep the recognition given it by FIFA (Federacion Internationale De Futbol Associacion).

A case in point is POC's act of intervening in the affairs of Philippine Karatedo Federation (PKF), just because the president then of PKF was his enemy, Go Teng Kok. 

First, persons who have ill motives fraudulently usurped the powers of the legitimate officials of PKF.  The RTC of Pasig annulled the sham elections called in by these wily persons. But they did not stop from disregarding the court. 

The court cited these sham officials in contempt and yet they continue to disobey the order for them to cease from continuing their illegal acts.

To make the matter worse, these persons favored by Peping organized PKF-NSA to circumvent the fact that it is only the PKF that is recognized by the POC.  What they are planning to do now is for the POC to officially discredit PKF and recognize PKF-NSA as the sole karatedo association in the Philippines.

Peping and co. do not look at the fact that they are destroying karate sports.  Never mind the big number of clubs composing the PKF as long as the wish of his chosen ones are served.

Another case in point is the Philippine Dragon Boat team that won as champions in a world competition recently in Florida, USA.  The Phl team won by breaking world records.  But because their association is not good to Peping, they discredited the enormous honor brought to the country.

In fact, Peping and co. destroyed all of the Philippine sports.

Nobody can go against Peping because he is an uncle of P-Noy.

Given the situation, there is no other way but to remove Peping from the scene and allow the genuine sports officials to work for the country.


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