Drastic action vs KAPLOKs coming to crush pol dynasties

Drastic action vs KAPLOKs 
coming to crush pol dynasties


A newly-established cause group, ANTI-KAPLOK MOVEMENT, is now gathering names of politicians, national and local, in preparation for its first official action to crush political dynasties in the Philippines.

The first act will be a petition to be filed before the Comelec to ask it to do on its own the act of qualification screening of candidates to declare those who run for the purpose of perpetuating or forming a dynasty as "nuisance" candidates.

We are toying with an idea that while there is no specific law passed by the Congress, we can rely on the argument that the necessity of times demand the plain meaning of dynasty as ordinary Filipinos see it.   The provision on this in the Constitution is found in Section 26, Article II of the 1987 Constitution.

As a stimulus to your ideas, the LIST OF POLITICAL FAMILIES IN THE PHILIPPINES is hereby stated below or is linked here.

Your thoughts and contributions are being solicited to enrich the ideas necessary for the fight against political dynasties.

Maybe, you have a precise definition of dynasty as envisioned in the undefined "political dynasty" so worded in Section 26 of Article II of the 1987 Constitution. Please share it to us by writing it down on the "comment" space below.

Maybe you know emerging dynasties in your localities and you may contribute it also by posting your comments underneath.

Or you may have one that you think is a superb idea in the fight against KAPLOKs, which I define as "mga KAPAL NA POLITIKO."

At any rate, you are urged to join the "Hoy, KAPLOK" Facebook group site by clicking the link it here or this link: https://www.facebook.com/HoyKaplok.

The future is in your hands. Act now.

The list of political families as listed in Wikipedia are as follows: 

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