P1-M bond from each senatorial bet is brutal,protects political dynasties

P1-M bond from each senatorial bet 
is brutal,protects political dynasties 

Author of the book entitled "Simplified Libel Law in the Philippines"

P1-M bond for each senatorial candidate?

For him to require each senatorial candidate to give a bond of One Million Pesos is not only "brutal" of Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr.
Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr.

If it is so, then only the rich can run.

This also further reinforces the WRONG SYSTEM OF ELECTION. The fallacy in our electoral system results in winning candidates making money in offices when elected.

Anyway, does the Comelec have any moral authority to require from each senatorial candidate to prove "capability to mount campaign" when such "capability" obviously refers to money? 

If a candidate cannot show enough money to spend for national campaign, he is declared a "nuisance."  This is the most illogical rule of the Comelec since way back when. 

If we were to require "show me your money" from each candidate, then we are encouraging corruption in office.  This is because the winners will recover the money spent for campaign or otherwise.   IT WILL ALSO DEPRIVE THE REST OF THE CITIZENS, PARTICULARLY THE WELL-MEANING PROFESSIONALS WHO ARE GOOD GOVERNMENT MANAGERS, THE RIGHT TO RUN FOR ANY PUBLIC OFFICE.

The Comelec Chairman is making it harder for the non-millionaire citizens. 

He now wants to require candidates to post P1 MILLION BOND before getting allowed to be considered as a senatorial candidate.

Brillantes is also toying with the idea of confiscating the P1-M bond if the candidate cannot get a particular number of votes. THIS IS A CASE OF "DOUBLE DEAD."

This proposal is the "real nuisance" of Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes.

If he will require each person filing a certificate of candidacy for senator to post One Million Pesos of bond, THEN ONLY THE RICH CAN BECOME SENATORS, DISENFRANCHISING THE REST OF THE FILIPINOS OF THE RIGHT OF SUFFRAGE AS TO THE RIGHT TO RUN FOR ANY PUBLIC OFFICE.

These some of the reasons that while our Constitution abhors political dynasties, the Comelec is wittingly or unwittingly creating more, like that of Congressman Manny Pacquiao who fielded his wife Jinky to become the vice-governor of Saranggani province and made his brother run for congressman against incumbent Congressman Acharon.

Being a long-time election lawyer, Brillantes certainly knows that only the moneyed buy votes and also knows that vote buying is massive anywhere in the country.

As quoted by Inquirer, Brillantes said:

“I was thinking before that we should require those who file … certificates of candidacy [to] also file a bond,” Brillantes said. “It’s just a small amount… maybe P1 million. Maybe then noisy ones would go away…. This will prevent the nuisance candidates.”

You may read the full story about this new proposal of Brillantes at this link, just click it: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/288404/comelec-mulls-p1-m-bond-for-candidates.

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