Supreme Court calls me on my RH petition

Supreme Court calls me on my RH petition

Author, book entitled "Simplified Libel Law in the Philippines"

The Supreme Court directed me to attend the June 6, 2013 preliminary conference for the petition I filed against RH law.

At the same time, the SC required me to submit a manifestation whether to avail of or not the oral argument set for June 18, 2013.

As I told my FB friends earlier, the main point why I oppose RH law is the failure of the said law to define the word "conception" as used in the Constitution in saying that "...the life of the unborn must be protected from (the time of) conception."  

In my argument, I define conception as the process of fertilization of the ovum by the sperm cell.   It is because the chance of the unborn to come to life begins when the sperm cell meets with the ovum.  Yes, the fertilized egg may die but it cannot be denied that the fertilized egg may live to become a baby.  So that when the Constitution commands that the life of the unborn must be protected, protection must be there from the moment there is real expectations of the unborn to be born as a baby.  We can expect a baby to be produced only when the sperm fertilizes the egg.

By not defining conception, the RH Law institutionalizes the danger to life of the fertilized egg.  This is so because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the sole office given by the RH law the authority to approve or disapprove contraceptives, will never have any standard to be used in approving contraceptives being applied for approval by the FDA.  And if it has no standard, it can even approve contraceptives that kills fertilized eggs.

There are other grounds that I raised, but to me these are minors.

I hope I do not offend FB friends who support RH Law.  To those who are anti-RH, please pray for us to protect life of the unborn from the time of fertilization.

Joke aside, it is also my opinion that ONLY CONDOMS can be approved if the standard is to approve only those contraceptives that are sure in not affecting fertilization.  In condoms, there is no chance for fertilization to occur because sperm cells are captured right inside the condom and it cannot travel to where an ovum would be.


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