False Facebook account used as evidence in murder rap filed by
NBI, Akap Bata vs child witness’ father, Gov. Espino, Rep. Celeste


As the counsel of Jaime G. Aquino, a newsman in Pangasinan who is now facing a murder charge in conspiracy with Pangasinan Gov. Amado T. Espino Jr. and Rep. Jesus Celeste, the author is now (April 30, 2013) reporting what has happened with the case up to the day of the hearing on this date at the Department of Justice.

It is to be recalled that the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and partylist candidate Akap Sa Mga Bata Ng Mga Guro Kalinga Philippines, Inc. (AKAP BATA) filed a murder charge against Aquino, Espino and Celeste in February 2013.

The basis of the NBI and AKAP BATA in filing the murder rap was the affidavit of 17-year-old Jestin I. Aquino, son of Jaime.

In the very thick affidavit prepared by the NBI and signed by the boy, it alleged that Jaime brought his son Jestin to a meeting in November 2011 with Espino, Celeste and Hermogenes at the Provincial Capitol in Iba, Zambales where Celeste and Espino proposed to murder Ruperto Martinez, then the mayor of the town of Infanta in Pangasinan.

After the meeting in Iba, the affidavit of Jestin stated that they proceeded to El Pescador Beach & Resort in Bolinao, Pangasinan where Jaime met again with Celeste and Espino where the alleged plot to kill Martinez was continued.

In these two meetings, the child witness alleged that he was right there present when the murder plot was discussed because he was sitting beside his father and he even saw his father given money by Celeste as share in jueteng money.

Assuming the affidavit’s statements were true, more than a year later, or on December 15, 2011, Martinez was gunned down inside his house in Infanta.

The same affidavit also made it appear that the minor was present with his father when they were with Engineer Mencias, the latter’s son Vice Mayor Ryan Paolo Mencias, and Gov. Espino in a meeting in May of 2012 in the town of Alcala in Pangasinan where the plot to kill Jovencia Gasmin was discussed.

The boy said in that affidavit that when Gasmin, a barangay kagawad in Alcala, was shot, Mencias celebrated right in that meeting place at a popular restaurant chain in Rosales town by drinking San Mig Lights.

                The boy also said that he was present in 2005 when the plot of the governor to kill Nato Sabangan, a councilor of Bayambang town.
                As counsel of Jaime, the author pointed out that if the boy witness was telling the truth, why did the NBI and partylist group Akap Bata did not file any murder charges in so far as the deaths of Gasmin and Sabangan are concerned?

Up to this point, both accusers have not answered the same. But they have a chance to counter on May 10, 2013.

                Now, the same affidavit stated that his father sent messages to him on his Facebook account where Jaime supposedly exhorted the boy to come back and do not surface to be a witness.

                As counsel, this author pointed out that this claimed Facebook messages are false because while the user name shows it is “JAIME AQUINO” the Facebook account found at the URL or the address bar says it belongs to Eduard Imus, uncle of Jestin.

The URL of this Facebook account shows it is:  It is supposed to be
See the falsified Facebook account
                 The author wondered why the NBI that is supposed to be the top investigator did not notice this that they immediately believed in the story of the minor.

                The author also found another falsity in the affidavit when the kid claimed he is the valedictorian of Mapandan Elementary School in 2010 to 2011 school year.  A certification issued by the school principal shows that the valedictorian was another kid and that the permanent records of grades showed that Jestin only obtained an average of 80.25% in Grade VI.

                The author also found out that the NBI gave full belief in the child without digging up the criminal records of one Manuel “Manny” Tolentino, the person who brought Jestin to Akap Bata. 

At the time when Tolentino endorsed the boy to Akap Bata, there was a warrant for his arrest for kidnapping for ransom issued by the Pasig Regional Trial Court.

If NBI is the repository of all criminal records of all persons in the Philippines, it is dumbfounding why the NBI did not know of the person of Tolentino.

The only conclusion in this is that the NBI did not do its simple duty of cross-checking all the claims of the persons endorsing witnesses and did not also verify on matters that are verifiable to know whether the witnesses are telling the truth or not.

It was simple to check the claim as a valedictorian yet the NBI did not know this.  It was simple to check the person of the person who endorsed the kid to Akap Bata without first checking the background of the person.  It did not even inquire from Akap Bata why the kid was brought to it without any evidence that the father and the mother were disqualified under the law to stay as the guardian.  It only swallowed hook, line and sinker the representations of this partylist group.

It is a simple matter of checking the believability of the claims of witnesses by checking it against the possibility of happening under the normal habits of life or human experience.

The NBI did not check why it was possible for the kid to be allowed to be present in the discussions of murder plots when the normal habit of fathers is that they will now allow their minor son to hear these things.

The NBI also did not check the possibility of a stranger to be allowed to attend discussions of what were normally hidden by criminals.

Up to this time, BIG FAT LIES of the NBI and Akap Bata are showing clear.

For sure, the NBI destroyed its reputation in this case.

Now, the backdrop of the case is overwhelming to conclude that these crafting of the affidavits, the making of a child signing the same affidavits, and the filing of the affidavits as the basis of the murder rap has been manufactured for the purpose of political propaganda intended to demean the reputation of Espino and Celeste to the voters and improve the viability of contending gubernatorial candidate Hernani Braganza.

Espino is running for his third and final term and he won his second term with the margin of 420,000+ against former Governor Victor Agbayani.  As this shows, there was indeed a formidable job of destroying the image of Espino if only for Braganza to have a chance of winning.

A concrete link of Braganza to the case is the fact that Tolentino is the candidate for mayor of Liberal Party in the town of Alcala, where Tolentino is facing Vice-Mayor Ryan Paolo Mencias.

Another concrete link of Braganza to the case is the fact that it is campaigning for Akap Bata as his partylist representative.

Akap Bata is obviously banking on the rich vote of Pangasinan to win at least one seat.  Pangasinan is the second biggest province after Cebu in the number of registered voters.  Akap Bata needed to have at least 300,000 votes in order to win one seat.


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