Sing the song of justice for 'Ka Abling'

Sing the song of justice 
for 'Ka Abling' 

Ka Abling's blood will water and grow bravery among the meek

Mr. Pablo "Ka Abling" Egildo, president of Kasama Ka Canlubang, was murdered in cold blood at 7:00 pm of April 23, 2013 in Canlubang, Laguna.

The group he headed was composed of urban poor residents whose houses have been demolished without any court order.

Ka Abling had led a group of meek urban poor residents to make them brave against the mighty forces of the developer wanting to drive away the indigent families from the lands where these underprivileged have lived.

They said they were fighting against the rule of Yulo and Chipeco.

Ka Abling managed to get the attention of Presidential Commission on the Urban Poor (PCUP) but he was killed before the conference between the poor and the developer can occur.

Yes, he was killed. Yes, he cannot physically fight for his brethren now. 

But a deeper look will mean that the author of the murder even got more problems instead of talking it out with the poor.

The blood of Ka Abling will water and grow the little bravery among the hearts and minds of these poor people. One day will come that they will rise up to defeat the Great Wall of Yulo-Chipeco.


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