Riding-in-tandem victim 'hostaged' by P900,000 bills

Riding-in-tandem victim 'hostaged' by P900,000 bills 

           I wrote this letter to Medical Center of Imus hoping its administrator would allow the release of Mr. Domingo "Jun" Valdecantos Jr. from the hospital despite the fact that he cannot pay the outstanding bills of close to a million pesos.

               I made this letter after the hospital did not honor the guaranty letter of Ramon Jolo B. Revilla III, the president of the Liga ng mga Barangay in Cavite, warranting that he will pay P50,000 a month until all the bills are paid up.

               It could be recalled that Valdecantos was shot by riding-in-tandem assassins who fired three bullets on him. Valdecantos managed to run to a store; the murderers pursued him and tried to shoot him point blank but the .45 pistol jammed.

              Valdecantos said it is the Black Nazarene and the Lord of Pardon booklet that he read everyday that saved him that made the gun jam.    

               Alab ng Mamamahayag (ALAM) chairman Jerry S. Yap wrote PCSO for help and the lottery establishment helped by giving a guaranty letter worth P200,000.00.  After deducting this, more than P800,000.00 still remained of the unpaid bills and Valdecantos cannot be allowed to go out of the hospital if the balance is not paid.

                 You may read the letter below.

Renta Pe Causing Sabarre
Castro & Associates
Unit No. 1, # 2368 Leon Guinto St. corner JB Roxas St., Malate, Manila

                                                                                                            May 6, 2013

Hospital Administrator
Medical Center of Imus
Palico IV, City of Imus, Cavite

Dear Doctor Victa,


            On behalf of a personal friend of DOMINGO “JUN” VALDECANTOS JR., the undersigned appeals for grace and mercy for him in the name of Social Justice and of God.

            While I have been handling the past cases of Jun Valdecantos as a mediaman, I am writing here not as his lawyer but as his personal friend appealing for the Hospital to extend further its kindness for him.

            First, I have to express my profound gratitude that your hospital admitted him while he was in between life and death.

Second, you gave without any hesitation the indispensable treatment and surgery to then dying Valdecantos despite the fact that he did not give any deposit.

            Third, I have to express my profound gratitude because as it turns out now, he is already completely healed.

            These are the testaments to the efficiency and reliability of Medical Center of Imus at the point of death.

            Please extend further your Corporate Heart for Social Responsibility by accepting the letters of guaranty given by Liga ng mga Barangay President Ramon Jolo B. Revilla III as a sufficient cause for Medical Center of Imus to discharge Mr. Valdecantos.  One of those letters showed Mr. Revilla binding himself to pay P50,000 a month starting May 30, 2013 until all the balance are paid up.

            After all, the reputation and name of Mr. Revilla must be a sufficient cause for recognizance as a guaranty that the unpaid bills are paid up.  Of course he will not allow an issue of hospital debts gets the better of him to make him look bad to the public.

Seeing the unique circumstances, the guaranty letter of Mr. Revilla therefore constitutes a substantial compliance with the collateral requirement as stated in the Hospital Detention Act.  It is always an evidence of a demandable claim that can always be enforced in court.

On the other side of it, it has already been established that Mr. Valdecantos has no means of income as he belongs to one of the indigent families in Bacoor City.  But to keep him in the hospital will only worsen the problem of payment.  Imagine that a day of stay by him costs P1,000, more or less, and this will pile up mountain-high beyond his capacity to pay.   To avoid this situation, wisdom tells that the patient be released in the soonest possible time.

            Thus, it is wished that Medical Center Imus would look at the wisdom of this letter in order for it to decide to allow the release of Mr. Valdecantos in the soonest possible time.

            Thank you.

                                                                        Respectfully yours,

                                                            BERTENI “TOTO” CATALUÑA CAUSING
                                                            Friend of Domingo “Jun” Valdecantos, Jr.


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