Bongbong: They forged my signatures

What is the value of the defense of "forgery" in case the senators and congressmen are charged with plunder along with Janet Lim-Napoles?

Frankly, I cannot see any defense stronger than forgery as to why the senators and congressmen involved should not be imprisoned for the loss of the Pork Barrel Funds allotted to them that can only be released if their signatures are believed in by the Department of Budget officials in charge of releasing the budgets in the form of SARO (Special Allotment Release Order).

Bong: "All lies"
Those released funds, as is shown by  the evidence revealed in the news and by the ongoing Pork Barrel Senate Investigation, went to the pockets of supposedly Janet Lim Napoles and her company as well as other NGO masters.

Even if it is the strongest defense porky lawmakers, will it hold on to?

If you think the forgery defense can stand, consider that those signatures have been believed in for over 10 years and consider further that if we believe in their claims that those signatures were faked it will mean that these senators and congressmen almost did not use their funds like Senator Panfilo Lacson.

Senator Bong Revilla said already that his signatures that were used to release the SARO funds for the PDAF allotted to him were doubtful that he has asked a signature expert to examine them.

Senator Bongbong Marcos is now singing a tune: MY SIGNATURES WERE FORGED.

Earlier, mayors insisted they did not sign on the letters requesting senators and congressmen for financial assistance.  One mayor from Iloilo pointed out that her signature in the letter that purported to have come from her was impossible to have been signed by her because she was no longer the mayor when the letter was signed.

Watch out!
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