General Calima, promoted by Gloria Arroyo to general
I will bring to the Ombudsman this Police General Charles Calima of PNP Region 12 and his deputy, P/Sr. Supt. Danny Laudato Reyes, for trampling upon the rights of six (6) PNCOs to be heard first before getting terminated from the police service.

WITHOUT A FORMAL CHARGE, HE TERMINATED SIX (6) LOW-RANKED POLICEMEN IN REGION 12 because the drug-test results issued by the PNP Crime Lab of Region 12 showed these six to be positive in screening and confirmatory tests.

I will also charge Calima and Reyes criminally along with P/Senior Insp. Honorio Reyes Ani, the forensic chemist of PNP Region 12, and P/Supt Cirilo Galarpi Jr., also of the crime lab, with violation of Section 37 of Rep. Act No. 9165 by means of conspiracy. This section refers to falsification of drug test results.

The drug test results issued by the PNP crime lab showed that the six (6) lowly policemen are positive of shabu use.

But the drug tests issued by at least four DOH-accredited drug-test centers show at least three of the six as NEGATIVE.

Will I think that the drug-test results issued by the crime lab were doctored by the crime lab?  Yes, because at least four DOH-accredited testing centers rebuked the PNP Crime Lab tests results.

Will I think that the drug-test results issued by the DOH-accredited drug-test centers were doctored?  No, because there were at least four of them that consistently said the opposite of what the PNP crime lab declared.

If only Calima and Reyes gave the six policemen due process, the six will prove that the PNP Crime Lab is prone to fake drug test results.

The Crime Lab was used once by a drug lord in General Santos City to give "negative" result to half kilo shabu caught by a policeman a few years ago.

If you do not care about the reputation of the PNP, well I do care to seek justice even for the dirtiest cops whose rights to due process are trampled like a tin can.

Doing shortcuts in implementing discipline will only give a way to stay for those who are truly guilty because the shortcut will give a justification for the nullification of the termination from the service.

I do not even think that Calima and company have clean hands.  For me, I have no respect to generals appointed by a President who has been talked about in high-profile corruption acts.
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