Whose PENRO owns this mansion?

Whose PENRO owns this mansion?

PENRO stands for Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer and the person appointed has the power to approve free patents and other kinds of patents on lands.

If he approves, he or she usually does it pretending to be relying only on the report of land investigators.  If land investigators certify that the applicant for land patents are entitled to the patent applied for, that certification is not even cross-checked by the PENRO and the moneyed who want title to lands occupied by other persons can now get free patents.

If the PENRO has been able to build a mansion, what does it mean?

In the photo culled from a video expose, it tells a lot of story about mansion. The author of this blog is yet to verify some of the facts, the reason he is not yet naming the owner of the mansion.

Whoever this PENRO is, please wait for the next blog on this.

This reminds a fraud story in Antipolo City.

Urban poor residents who have occupied for at least 30 years Lot No. 7435 (of Cad. 29 Extn. of Antipolo Cadastre) in Pantayanin, Pinagmisahan Road, Barangay Dela Paz, Antipolo City woke up one day shocked by the fact that the portions of Lot No. 7435 occupied by them were given in free patent and titled to Dr. Manuel Oliveros who has never even occupied the same lot.

It is a shock that of all patents a Free Patent was issued, despite this patent requires at least 30 years of actual possession of the land applied for in the concept of the owner.

The PENRO who signed the patent for Dr. Oliveros was Emrich Borja, upon the recommendation of land investigator Romeo Cadano, a man with many administrative cases, and Mr. Lagdameo.

Going back, whose PENRO owns that mansion in the picture?
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