Copy of CHR report stating finding that 8-1 verdict exists

Copy of CHR report 
stating finding that 8-1 verdict exists

For the benefit of all and in the interest of fair play and justice, I am posting here a copy of the report of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) after conducting an investigation by issuing subpoenas to the concerned persons.

In fairness to Cadet First Class Lagura, he and all other voting members of the Honorable Committee that voted on Cudia's case ADMITTED during the investigation THE EXISTENCE OF THE 8-1 VOTE.

What Lagura denied was the declaration of Navy Commander Junjie Tabuada that Lagura told the former about the 8-1 vote and that Lagura was pressured to change vote from "not guity" to "guilty" in a secret proceeding inside a secret chamber.

A copy of the CHR report is posted below:

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