'Not even P-Noy can meddle into the cadets'

'Not even P-Noy can 
meddle into the cadets' 

Disgusting military officers!

In insisting that the decision of the Honor Committee in finding 1st Class Cadet Aldrin Jeff P. Cudia guilty must take precedence, they showed arrogance.

They are resisting the fundamental reason that the People have the right to demand transparency as to what happens in every cadet because it is the People who finance the military school and the cadets' schooling and needs.

Reports said that those task to reinvestigate and all others are not willing to touch the decision of the Honor Committee despite the glaring and blatant face of injustice staring them like a lion. 

Many PMAers have been arrogant in insisting that the President does not have any right to check the activities of the cadets and the Honor System.

This is it when they think they can arrogate power into their hands when there is no law that says so.

For one, the President is the Commander-in-Chief of the entire Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Second, it is the President who appoints all the cadets before they can officially begin as cadets of the PMA, the only military school in the country.  He is also the only one who can dismiss who he appointed.

It is the President who is answerable for all that happens in the military, military installations, military facilities and all military schools and training camps.

It is the President who appoints the Chief of Staff of the AFP.  He also appoints all the colonels subject to the consent of the Commission on Appointments.

The President is the embodiment of the People of the Philippines who voted for him in office.

Civilian is always supreme over military as pronounced in the Constitution. 

Most above all, there is no law that authorizes the Honor Committee to be the king in the PMA Campus that even the Commandant obeys its order.

Disgusting arrogance!
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