On 2 October 2014, afternoon, at Naic, Cavite Hall of Justice to attend a land dispute case

TEN (10) justices are retiring from the term of the next President, from the year 2016 up to 2022, according to anti-Binay whistleblower Atty. Rene Bondal.

The Constitution vests in the President the power to appoint Justices of the Supreme Court.

The President also has the power to appoint all judges and all other justices, of the Court of Appeals, Sandiganbayan and Court of Tax Appeals.

A corrupt President in 2016 up to 2022 will likely make that President appoint corrupt justices who obey him or her.

To me, it is the most serious concern in choosing who to vote in 2016.

If I were the President, the people can rely on me on the matter of choosing who should be appointed as Supreme Court justices.

But the problem is that I will likely be declared a nuisance candidate if I file my certificate of candidacy for the 2016 elections.

Nevertheless, I will try to think this over to come up with a legal strategy in case the Comelec will declare me a nuisance candidate for having no money to mount a national campaign characterized by plane tickets and hotel accommodations to go to all places in the country and money to finance the gathering in every city or provincial capital.

Can I rely on the contributions of online friends, who, will likely contribute P100 to my campaign kitty?

Just a thought.

Will my friends support me with contributions and efforts in helping me campaign for President?

And if I will be elected, BY STROKE OF GOD'S INTERVENTION, I will install "Hukuman ng Mamamayan" as the bedrock of my administration.

This is because I have unwavering faith that if the Justice System is good, everything else follows suit.

If a justice system strongly appears fair to all, politics and business will be good, social statuses will be better, opportunities for business or trade will be equal, soldiers and policemen as well as other law enforcement agents will be true to their duties and will stay good, public bidding for franchise or projects will be fair, etc.

How will I constitute "Hukuman ng Mamamayan"?

This is it.

(1) Every big case shall be tried before ordinary people as judges on factual issues; The presiding judge shall be limited to applying the law on the facts found by these simple people.

(2) Probable cause for every criminal case shall be decided by a majority vote of a group of 25 from the ordinary folk in every province or city who will serve for six months only to be replaced by new ones; Prosecutors' duty will be limited to actual presentation of evidence in court.

(3) The people-judges shall have the power to imprison any witness who refuse to testify.

(4) Factual issues in civil cases in trial courts shall also be decided by people-judges  chosen for each case.

(5) The ones who will vote on the factual issues in Ombudsman cases shall be a group of people chosen at random with further screening process.


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