Binay owns 2 British Virgin Is. companies that invested billions in Tiu's corporations?

Binay owns 2 British Virgin Is. companies 
that invested billions in Tiu's corporations?

Acting like an owner, Vice-President Binay walks on the grounds of cockfighting farm inside "Hacienda Binay"

Among those that is clear for now is this: Sunchamp or Antoniu L. Tiu had two options in executing or signing that infamous "agreement" with Mr. Laureano Gregorio Jr., who has not appeared up to now to clear some smoke of the controversies.

That is, assuming that the "agreement was indeed true to have been signed by Gregorio and Tiu and the signing was true for all intents and purposes.

That agreement was the one showed by Tiu during the Senate hearing as the contract between Tiu and Gregorio for the buying of 145 hectares of land in Rosario, Batangas with the downpayment of P11 million already paid to Gregorio.  The total price of the purchase was the P446 million, according to Tiu, and this price was determined by Cuervo, said to be an independent real estate assessor.  The balance has yet to be paid up to the last Senate hearing.

Nevertheless, the agreement was not notarized by any notary public.

Now, these options were: (a) to have the same notarized; and (b) not to have it notarized.

The choice was all for the buyer to make.   BUT in making a choice, a businessman is expected to make a choice to protect his interest.

In the case of Tiu, his interest included the interest to protect the stockholders of Sunchamp, which, in turn, is the holding corporation that has majority stocks in Greenergy and Agri-nurture Inc., both publicly-listed companies at the Philippine Stock Exchange, which means that there are other people in the public who bought shares of stocks of these companies who should be protected from any diabolical maneuvers by company officials.

Knowing these circumstances, I conclude that Tiu has HIGHER INTEREST in not notarizing the "agreement" to buy and for "usufruct" or "lease" over the same property subject of conditional sale.


Is that HIGHER INTEREST the same person who has had control over two British Virgin Islands companies -- Three Star Capital Ltd. and Southern Field Ltd.?  I shall answer this with "yes."

And the ultimate question: "Who is this person?"  I shall answer this that it is no other than Vice-President Jejomar C. Binay.

Consider the following discourse.

Who by the way are the little-known Greenergy and Agri-nurture that these two BVI corporations would take amusingly-extraordinary interest in risking billions of pesos by investing the same in Greenergy and Agri-Nurture, either through Sunchamp or directly?   My logical answer to this is that: the BVI corporations have special interest in Greenergy and Agri-Nurture, Inc. (ANI).

Why these two BVI companies did not invest in sure-profit stocks such as San Miguel, Meralco and other stable companies when all that it takes is just to buy at the Philippine Stock Exchange the shares of these stability-proven stocks?  My logical answer to this is that: the BVI corporations have special interest in Greenergy and Agri-Nurture, Inc. (ANI).

It is noted that in the PSE record, from zero investment, Greenergy acquired only from April 2014 up to July 2014 a total of P2.58 billion investment in Agri-Nurture.

And it was also testified in the Senate hearing by Tiu and his company officials that these BVI companies heavily invested in Greenergy and ANI.  

In short, these BVI companies, aside from directly having shares of stocks with ANI (Agri-Nurture), also have INDIRECT shares of stocks with ANI by means of buying shares of Greenergy and then Greenergy bought P2.58 billion of stocks of ANI priced at P3 per share.

Please read at this site,, the Disclosure Report of ANI regarding the subscription by Greenergy of 85,990,533 of ANI shares.   This report was filed on July 3, 2014.

The same Disclosure Report filed before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosed that Greenergy had no share with ANI.  The buying of ANI shares by Greenergy occurred only at a time when the controversy erupted on the Makati Parking Bldg. overprice and the Hacienda Binay. Remember that they buying was in big amount! Greenergy must be under the command of Sunchamp to decide to acquire 85,990,533 shares of ANI.

Now, put these circumstances alongside the personal circumstances of Antonio L. Tiu.

According to Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, Antonio L. Tiu was heavily indebted when he graduated from De La Salle University.  So that it was highly improbable for Tiu to have acquired billions-peso companies that are Sunchamp, Greenergy and Agri-Nurture, Inc.  The only way for him to be a billionaire was for somebody to entrust to him billions of pesos to run the intended businesses by diabolical maneuvers or otherwise.

Who could be this person who entrusted Tiu billions of pesos? My answer to this is no other than Vice-President Binay.


First, Binay is the only financially-capable person known to him, so far as has been shown by the Senate hearing.

Second, both Tiu and Binay have the same lawyer, Atty. Martin Subido, son of deceased Dean Ponciano Subido.

Third, Atty. Martin Subido is a present partner of Atty. Abigael S. Binay, who is one of the two congressmen of Makati at present. The law firm has been existing for a few decades.  Vice-President Binay was also a partner in this firm at a time when the Subido partner was still Dean Ponciano Subido.   In effect, this law firm is the second generation firm of Binay and Subido.  With the long-running relationship in handling clients' secrecy, Vice-Pres. Binay will trust nobody but a tried-and-tested partner on issues of confidentiality.

Fourth, if the admissions of Mr. Tiu is true that Binay and his wife Elenita are renting spaces for piggery, orchids and others, it means that Tiu and Binay has special relationship; otherwise, a billion-peso company will not allow others to use of the piggery and orchids garden but will maximize income from the "usufruct" or "lease."

Fifth, a photo of Vice-President Binay walking in shorts and shirt on the grounds of the cockfighting farm inside Hacienda Binay is a proof that the Vice-President behaved like an owner of the Hacienda Binay whose ownership is being officially claimed by Antonio Tiu.

Sixth, the Instagram photos posted by Joanna Marie Bianca Binay showed her and other Binay clan, including the Vice-President, in joyous occasions inside Hacienda Binay.

Seventh, there is no board resolution signed by the directors of Sunchamp authorizing the buying or "usufruct" or "lease" of the "Hacienda Binay" from Laureano Gregorio, Jr.

Eighth, Laureano Gregorio Jr. has never been presented or has been disappearing from the scene when it was too easy for Gregorio to testify and confirm the alleged agreement with Tiu if indeed these were true as claimed by Tiu.

Ninth, there was a necessity to justify the buying of "Hacienda Binay" that there are funds to finance the buying.  So that explains the reason why all of a sudden Greenergy that is controlled by Tiu had to buy 85,990,533 shares from ANI, which is also controlled by Tiu.

Tenth, Vice-President Binay admitted to journalist Raissa Robles that he owned the Hacienda Binay.  This is an admission made by Binay when there was no controversy yet and this is admissible and has weight.  This kind of admission is exempted by the Rules of Evidence from the hearsay rule because of the wisdom that when there was no controversy yet the one who made the admission did not have any motive to lie.

With all these circumstances, it is now reasonable to conclude that the two British Virginia Islands companies are owned by the Vice-President and this is the same person who holds the highest interest in every business decision in Greenergy, ANI and Sunchamp.

Binay is it?

Yes, it is.  The pieces of evidence of circumstances and admissions are sufficient to arrive at this conclusion in the degree of reasonability.

For sure, all these evidence create a totality of circumstances that is sufficient for a reasonable man to conclude that indeed the Vice-President is the big ghost that controls the actions of Mr. Tiu.


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