Pacman 'fixed' Marquez fight

Pacman 'fixed' Marquez fight

Dyaryo Magdalo

Now I am convinced that the Pacman-Marquez show was for a show--and not for what should be true!

This was posted by Pacquiao himself on his wall. 
Note that Pacquiao himself tagged Floyd Mayweather's Facebook account.

 Many Filipinos lost in the third fight of Manny Pacquiao against Juan Manuel Marquez because all of them placed their bets for the Mexicos's "Dinamita" to be knocked down.

And Pacquiao never fell Marquez in any round.

Marquez was caught five times seemingly deliberate in making his left foot stepping on the right foot of the congressman from Saranggani province in order for the counter-punches of the Mexican to reach the body or head of Pacman.

But mind you, I do not believe that Pacman will be knocked down by the counter-punches. To say it reasonably, those counter-punches that hit Pacman were nothing to "Ninong Manny."

Would you believe that Pacquiao indeed had a genuine bad fight for the third time with Marquez?

I don't think so.

I am sorry to say: "Pacman intended to flirt with defeat and not to knock down Marquez, in order to lure Mayweather who has been docking away every time he has been pitted against Pacquiao."

Obviously, why will Floyd say that Pacman uses drugs if he was not afraid of Manny?

Now, think of this also. 

Why will Manny cause the production of the digital poster promoting his fight with Floyd Mayweather?

Why will Manny Pacquiao bother to produce this digital poster to promote it?

As seen in the poster pasted in this blog, it proclaims: "TWO WARRIORS, ONE THRONE."
Indeed a very wise and a very excellent advertisement idea.

Next, why will Pacquiao post the same poster on his very own Facebook wall named "Manny Pacman Pacquiao"? I had no reason to believe it was not his personal account.

I noticed this because Pacquiao asked me to be his friend in the wee hours of November 30, 2011. Almost about the same time, Pacman posted the poster on his wall. Nevertheless, who am I to refuse his request for friendship? After all, he is my idol. He is much, much bigger than me.

If Pacman himself posted the same on his own wall, it means that it was done for his own interest. MONEY for Manny.
Now, here is one more

Pacquiao tagged the poster on the wall of Mayweather.

Why will Pacman tag the same poster on Mayweather's Facebook wall if he had no intention of convincing Floyd to fight him?

Here is the clincher. 

A source very close to Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson revealed that Chavit broached the idea to Pacman not to knock down Marquez to achieve two purposes.

The first was for Chavit to win millions of dollars in betting that Marquez will not be knocked down.

The second--and the ultimate--was to bait Floyd Mayweather to the Manny (spell it "m-o-n-e-y") bag.

WHATEVER, everybody loves "ONCE AND FOR ALL."
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