Small but substantive Christmas & New Year Party of Alcothans

A scene of the just-concluded Christmas and New Year Party of Metro Manila Alcothans

Small but substantive Christmas & New Year Party of Alcothans

Survived and was admitted to 
Alpha Cosine Theta (Alcothans) in 1982 

This is a photo essay of the first Christmas and New Year Party of Alpha Cosine Theta (Alcothans) members who reside and work in Metro Manila.

Before this, I sent out an invitation to my brods and sises for a party on December 30, 2011 aimed at fostering closer bond amongst us and to raise funds for the Operation Tabang Alcothans' team is conducting in the cities of Iligan and Cagayan de Oro.

Here is the invitation banner I sent out:

I sent this banner with a message to the private mailboxes of all my brods and sises.

Of the faces in the banner, only Brods Melben Patindol, Philip Adalim, Charlo Paredes and Douglas Acaylar did not respond.  I understand because it was a season very important to personal and family matters that they did not log into their respective Facebook accounts.

Nevertheless, the party pushed through and was completed giving substance to the purpose for which it was called for.

A few came but their quality beat the quantity.  Brod Ramil Galano and Brod Douglas Acaylar stayed up to 2:30 in the morning of December 31, 2011.  Brod Ramil gave Php1,000.00 for the fundraising. 

As early as 2:30 p.m. of Dec. 30, 2011, Brod Manny of Alpha Chapter and his apple Anne of the eye came over.  He had a grand night with eating, singing, drinking and chatting with me and the rest.  He chipped in Php500.00 for the Tabang Alcothans' fund.

Sister Nerissa Reyes as expected came over. She was the author of this party and I only executed it.  She gave Php1,000.00 for Tabang Alcothans.

For preliminaries and to open the curtains, I played a set of songs with my electric guitar on the stage of the Fourth Floor of National Press Club Bldg. On hand to document the singing was my kitchen chairman, Mario. (For you to trust somebody to prepare what you eat is something special. Of course, you are very sure that this someone will not poison you.  I also taught him how to take pictures with my brand new digital Fuji camera.)

Here are the photos taken by Mario:

After singing about five songs, I then entertained the Alcoys, Sis Nerissa (sitting on the side of the table opposite me) and Brod Manny (sitting at my right) and his Ann (sitting beside Sis Nerissa), who came over early and other early visitors, Ben Gomez (president of Far Eastern Polytechnic College, Inc. who is sitting to my left) and Gomez's assistant Boy Edang (a professor of FEPCI).  We had happy exchanges of notes. 

Here are these photos:

While we were chatting, a colleague from Remate, Mr. Rey Salao, came over to wish well for me.  And here is this photo of his coming:

Then I continued the chatting with Brod Manny, Ann, Sis Nerissa, Mr. Gomez and Mr. Edang.  Here are the photos of the continuation of the chatting:

While we were chatting in the front table, my staffers Hernz Cuari (center) and Elmer Rodriguez take their dinner while my new visitor, Mr. Salao, is reading a newspaper.  Here is this photo:

Mr. Gomez and Mr. Edang left after giving me their gift, a one liter of Johnny Walker.  Hernz sat on the chair vacated by Mr. Gomez and another media colleague I respect so much, Manila Times editor Dong Delos Reyes (a winner of a Palanca award) came and joined the party sitting on the chair where Mr. Edang was sitting.  Here are the photos:

The chatting became more engaging as the usually witty Dong began to crack down thought-provoking jokes.  Here are two of those photos:

Then Sis Nerissa sang the first of her songs, a Nora Jones song, being flashed on a flat screen LCD TV while Dong, Brod Manny, Ann and I are listening. The pictures of past presidents of National Press Club and its Hall of Fame Awardees led by national hero Jose P. Rizal and Ninoy Aquino are in the background. Here are the photos:

Then Sis Nerissa had a duet with Dong. I forgot the song but here is the photo while they both express their hearts out.  Here are the photos:

Then another media friend, Bernard Reggie See came over to join the meaningful discussions.  Here are the photos of his visit:

As I was talking with Reggie, the due continued between Dong and Sis Nerissa. Here are the photos:

Then, Brod Manny takes his turn, belting out a song I already forgot. Here are the pieces of evidence:

Then, Brod Ramil Galano came and sat to my left and Reggie busies himself whispering something to me that I already forgot what was it.  Anyway, here are the photos of this scene:

While continuing our happy conversation, Sis Nerissa continuously sings. Here are the photos:

While I was listening and Reggie was sitting beside me, another old friend, Edong Reyes of the Journal Group came over greet me. He however chose to behind me. 

Then, Sis Nerissa was obvious to be getting a much sweeter time with singing. She seized my Shure microphone in a duet with Dong.  Here are the photos:

Then I took my time singing a karaoke song, and here are the photos of me rendering it:

Then Brod Manny, seized back the microphone and here are the photos of his scenes:

Then Brod Ramil seized his own moment. There were to photos and these are his scenes:

The Brod Douglas Acaylar of Alpha Chapter came. But when he arrived, Sis Nerissa had already left for her home in Las Piñas and Brod Manny also had left.  Here are the photos with Brod Doug around:

With only the three of us plus my staffer Hernz, I began my second extended set of singing with my electric guitar, this time doing it in front of Brods Rami and Brod Doug.  Here are the photos:

Hataw tabloid circulation manager Edwin Alcala came to join us, bringing along a liter of Fundador (36% by volume) and our happiness was extended. Brod Doug opened the bottle. See the photo.

 As the happiness got another lease on life due to the additional bottle, I continued singing with my guitar.  See the photo.

Then the Hataw circulation manager tried the drums set, mimicking like the greatest drummer in the world.  Se the photo:

As I continued playing the guitar and singing at the same time, Mr. Alcala was like my drummer. See the photo.

Then Mr. Alcala went back to the table to continue the happiness. See the photo below:

I continued the happiness as I got high with my guitar. See the photo below:
The bottle was still filled and this was about to end in 30 minutes.  The affair at this stage did not show any sign of ending.



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