The directors of NPC who signed the NPC board resolution to file a case of pilferage against me will be conclusively proved to have malice or intention to swear to falsities against me if they will not stop the filing of that charges against me.

This is because all those who signed have prior knowledge that the facts alleged in the board resolution they signed are false. They have actual malice.

First, they investigated the building electrician, Lauro, as to why my small room at the ground floor at the back of the NPC Bldg. was connected to an electrical line of the edifice.  They grilled Lauro and even kicked him out of job and only to be returned to work immediately later.   They were shocked when Lauro admitted to them it was Jerry S. Yap who directed him to connect the line in that small room to the NPC line.

The first reason of Mr. Yap was that our small law office did not have a separate line to Meralco for it has ever since been getting its electric supply direct from the NPC Bldg. and the best available remedy was to connect to the NPC line.

The second reason of Mr. Yap was that our small law office did not charge any acceptance fees for all the cases it handled for the NPC and its members. 

Our law office led by Atty. Cirilo P. Sabarre, Jr. and Atty. Ronaldo E. Renta won the total of eight (8) cases filed by the GSIS against the NPC and its officials of 2006-2008, including the criminal cases of qualified theft that GSIS filed against the officers of the NPC for selling the historic Vicente Manansala mural.  Now, the GSIS is moving heaven and earth to reverse the victories by running to the Supreme Court, which dismissed the appeal on the criminal case.

Our law office also served pro bono to all journalists asking for the help of NPC to defend them in their libel cases and prosecute their personal cases that they cannot do without us because of lack of money.

As an act of gratitude, Mr. Yap invoked his authority to sign and negotiate for all lease contracts for all spaces of the 57-year-old structure to allow my office to get electric supply from NPC bldg. as part of our lease contract of P10,000.00 a month for the use of a third-floor room and the said small room.  For all the more than five (5) years that the office stayed at NPC, we paid a total of at least P600,000.00. 

Imagine that despite giving free services, our law office contributed that much to NPC?

To prove these facts, Mr. Yap executed an affidavit of affirmation. Proving the fact of full payments are the checks used in paying the rents.

The directors who will be minded by their conscience still have time to execute affidavits retracting their signatures in that damning resolution before the case of pilferage is filed against me. Should they fail, I will be compelled to employ the full might of the law as a natural and legal recourse to self preservation and I still say there will be nothing personal in that act because I cannot be selective to spare any friend who signed.

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