It's comfortable and favorable for Obama as he is almost assured of at least 290 electoral votes (EVs) when only 270 EVs are needed to win the US presidency.

What is more, Obama is set to take the prized 13 EVs of Virginia where he is comfortably ahead at 48.2% against Romney's 46.8%.

THE ONLY CHANCE FOR ROMNEY NOW: Romney needs to work the hardest to defend his razor-thin leads in Florida (29 EVs) and North Carolina (15 EVs), fight to grab back Virginia (13 EVs) that now gives Obama a lead of 1.4% and must do the almost "mission impossible" attempt to get the 20 EVs of Pennsylvania where Obama is comfortable with 49%-to-46% lead or do the more impossible act of grabbing two states having total electoral votes of not less than 20 EVs.

Worse for Romney is that there are two disasters stemming against his campaign and his lieutenants are desperate on how to go about them.

These disasters are: (1) Republican Governor Chris Christie (New Jersey), one of Romney's surrogates who criticized the incumbent President as one who does not know what to do, now praised Obama as "outstanding" in responses to "Frankenstorrm" Sandy while it was battering New Jersey in the hardest proportion like never before; and (2) the act of Republicans in broadcasting a paid advertisement that contained false information claiming that Jeep, a subsidiary of General Motors that Obama helped with auto-bailout funds from the Federal government, is shipping manufacturing 15,000 jobs to China.

Immediately after hearing Gov. Christie praises for Obama, many Republicans expressed dismay for their ally, only for Romney to announce later that they stand by Christie's statement saying about excellent job of Obama in responding to Sandy storm.

A day after the storm: Gov. Christie and Pres. Obama in New Jersey
These brave statements of Governor Christie were followed up by compelling photos showing him and Obama working together for a quick recovery plan for New Jersey.  See the photo.

Despite a rebuke from General Motors saying that the Romney advertisement is completely false and slaps from independent fact-checkers groups that point that it was false to claim that Jeep is relocating 15,000 manufacturing jobs from Toledo, Ohio to China, the Republican campaigners have not removed the false ad and instead followed it up with another radio advertisement. Political columnists saw this act as a desperate and only move to try to grab Ohio's 18 EVs that is now almost impossible to happen because Obama is ahead there by 3.2% (49.2% vs 46%).

These conclusions by this author is based on the outcome of the consolidation of all surveys by Talking Points Memo whose website is http://talkingpointsmemo.com/.

UPDATE @ 4:30 P.M. OF NOV. 1, 2012 (Philippine time).

At this time, TPM upped the map race for Obama at 303 EVs vs 191 EVs for Romney.  See the map below:

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