My blogsite reaches 100,000 reads

My blogsite now over 100,000 reads!

A screenshot of the counter of my blogspot

Author of the book entitled "Simplified Libel Law in the Philippines"

I am personally happy that my blogspot,, has reached a milestone.

It is now boasting of more than 100,000 reads.

I created the site in May 2008 but I never used it until December 2009 although the use was rare.  

In the whole of 2010, I never used the blogspot site despite the many articles I wrote. The upcoming 2010 Presidential elections in the Philippines triggered me to be engrossed on politics.  However, I never posted anything there because I used my Facebook and multiply accounts.  I also have a personal website where I posted some of the most substantive articles I wrote, including all the chapters of my libel book, "Simplified Libel Law in the Philippines."

It was only in September 2010 that I started to devout my articles to be posted on my blogspot.  It was there that my blogspot began the uptick reads. At the end of September 2010, I registered 4,889 reads.  In October 2010, my blogspot registered 7,814 reads.  In November 2010 the site scored 12,737 reads. 

In the long period that followed until December 2011, I was not so active in posting and it somehow averaged more than 5,000 reads a month with December 2011 notching 9,180 reads.

From January 2012 until the present, my spot averaged more than 6,000 reads a month with the highest so far in April where it got 12,809 reads.

But in all, since December 2009, my site has surpassed the 100,000 reads. So that I celebrate this milestone with this short blog about this.

Those upticks must have been noticed by many advertisers. So that many advertisements were posted therein, including that of the reputable,,, law schools in the United States and Europe,, SM, Dream Gadgets, buy and sell, and many others.
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