Humble legacy to PH from Causing clansmen in Cebu, Davao

Humble legacy to PH from 
Causing clansmen in Cebu, Davao

Author of the book entitled "Simplified Libel Law of the Philippines"

I have just learned today, Black Saturday of 2013, that my grandfathers were great politicians, too.

I was amazed to stumble into the records of the Lower House of  Congress of the Philippines from 1907 to 1912.

The FIRST CONGRESSMAN of the 6th District of Cebu Province, which covered the towns of Aloguinsan, Barili, Dumanjug, Pinamungahan, Toledo (became city 1960), Ronda (re-established 1913), for the period of 1907 to 1909 was Representative CASIANO CAUSING.

This explains the reason that we have many relatives in Barili, where the CAUSINGs are carrying our legacy using their family name as CAUSIN (without "G").

The SECOND CONGRESSMAN of the 7th District of Cebu Province, which covered the towns of  Asturias, Balamban, Bantayan, Daanbantayan, Medellin, San Remigio, Tuburan, Santa Fe (re-established 1909), Madridejos (re-established 1916), was Representative EULALIO E. CAUSING.

 This also explains the reason that THERE ARE PLENTY OF CAUSINGs IN DAANBANTAYAN and BANTAYAN Island town in the north of Cebu Island.

Not only that.

EULALIO E. CAUSING was appointed as the FIRST GOVERNOR of the ENTIRE PROVINCE OF DAVAO, serving from 1915 up to 1917.

Moreover, I learned that Eulalio E. Causing was also a lawyer and a judge of the Court of First Instance of Leyte.

He became a lawyer on March 27, 1907, shortly before winning the position as the Second Congressman of the 7th District of Cebu Province.

At least, I am now prouder of myself. It is something that my great great grandpas were then hailed as "the firsts."

MOST IMPORTANT, it shows that Causing politicians did not establish dynasty. 

Naunsa man mo, mga ig-agaw ko nga mga Causing? 

Ti, ang mga Causing iya dira sa Panay, Negros, Lanao, Cotabato kag Davao, kamusta kamo?

Ti ano dya? Magligid-ligid na lang ba ta o MABANGON PARA ANG MGA DAMGO SA ATON MGA LOLO MATUMAN?

Let us put another Causing at the helm.

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