Let me share this email letter of mine to my idol, former Senator Rene V. Saguisag, hoping my readers will have a sufficient idea on what are happening in our midst.

Here's the email letter:

Sir Idol Senator Rene,

God be with us!

After reading your piece, I felt some kind of sadness and reasons against the general proposition of our friends here that the Catholic should return the friar lands to the inhabitants.

I think our friends may have no or little knowledge that our fellow Filipinos who happened to have been appointed in the DENR, LRA, Registers of Deeds and their rich co-conspirators are worst in an unequaled parallel in grabbing lands to deprive the poor Filipino brethren.  These corrupt are worse than the "frailes" for they sucked the blood of their own people.

My researches in my land cases show:

(1) many "CERTIFICATES OF TITLE" have no beginning contrary to the statement at the bottom about the source Original Certificate of Title No. ___;

(2) there are certificates of title that state at the bottom therein that these were derived from the previous certificates having specific numbers but when checked the supposed next-immediate source certificates turned out to have not yet been cancelled; 

(3) there are certificates of title that when checked would show that the parcels of lands they supposedly represent are also embraced by other certificates, which circumstance should not happen if our land laws are faithfully executed by those who happen to be seated in positions having the power to issue or keep certificates of titles;

(4) there are certificates of title issued out of forging signatures of the already-dead owners, by SPA or by direct transfer;

(5) there are certificates of title issued out of falsification by con-minded who made it appear they were the surviving heirs of a deceased owner when they are not;

(6) there are certificates of title issued out of free patents or homestead patents when those issued with patents by DENR people had had never occupied even once in their lifetime the subject parcels of land;

(7) there are certificates of title issued by land registrations courts when the parcels of land supposedly covered had not yet been declared open to alienation or declassified to "agricultural" from forest or timber classification; etc.

Many of these spurious certificates of title found their way having been sold to the NHA or the Socialized Housing Finance Corp. (SHFC) by using the scheme of Community Mortgage Program (CMP). 

I examined one CMP transaction to satisfy my curious mind and I was amazed to see that lawyers of NHA or Pag-Ibig even certified the authenticity and genuineness of these spurious titles to proceed with CMP transactions: so amazed because ordinary lawyers diligent in tracing back the certificates to find the road to the alleged sources will readily discover the voidness in them.

I also have one case where the Owner's Duplicate Original Copy is intact but it turned out that the copy of the certificate in the possession of the RD of Nasugbu, Batangas has been missing and it turned out later that the land covered was already consolidated with adjacent lots and re-subdivision titles were issued in a clear attempt to cover the madness.  The culprit in this mystery is Fil-Estate.

I hope I have given insights to our brethren here.

He he he...May God be with all of us.

Let me borrow the Bedan's popular prayer: "TO GOD BE THE GLORY."

Berteni "Toto" Cataluña Causing  
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