New probe, new proofs: Why fear, Joel?

September 9, 2011 Press Statement of NPC President Jerry S. Yap

New probe, new proofs: Why fear, Joel?

            The order of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima to reinvestigate the murder case of broadcast journalist Dr. Gerry “Doc Gerry” Ortega is the only way to address the demands of truth and the demands of justice, not only by the victim’s family but also by the conscience of men and the cries of all journalists.

There is no question suspicion hovers all over.  There is no question the cries for justice reverberate everywhere.  There is no question acts of killing journalists continue.  There is no question acts of murdering mediamen must stop.  There is no question fairness must be addressed to protect the innocent from prosecution that offers no bail for temporary liberty for heinous crimes as murders.

Suspicion is so pervasive on the June 8, 2011 resolution of the first DOJ panel absolving former Palawan governor Joel T. Reyes, former Marinduque governor Jose Antonio Carreon, former Palawan administrator Romeo Serratubias, Reyes’ brother Mario “Marjo” Reyes Jr. of the town of Coron.

This suspicion has to be arrested.  It is the only way to stop the conscience of the public from revolting.  And the only way to do it is to set up a new investigation with a new panel of investigators while at the same time giving full opportunity for all to submit the evidence of their conscience.

The new investigation was needed to allow the admission of any new evidence being claimed by the family of Doc Gerry, to assuage the doubting Thomases, to give an opportunity to the DOJ to shore up its sagging reputation, and to give the main cast of characters a venue where a new declaration of innocence is more assured of acceptance.

If ex-governor Reyes is holding the truth, why is he so scared?

The guilty flees when no one pursues. The innocent flees not, as a lion he is bold.

            Come on, ex-governor Joel Reyes!
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